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[ Help ] I have a question about combo !!


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Let's say no.1 ninja can cause repulse with standard and chase repulse.

No.2 ninja chase repulse.

After No.1 ninja causes repulse,, who chases that repulsed unit? What happens?

I'm pretty sure No.1 goes but just making sure.

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yup no 1.

like ay the 3rd skill, he will always do his combo before no 2 ninja.

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If available the first to chase is the highest prompt move ninja.

Lets say you run:

kushina x sage naruto

x x x

Wind main kurenai x

When you use sage naruto mystery, first is naruto that chases, second is kurenai, third is kushina, but if naruto is paralysed then first is kushina that chases and second is kurenai.

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