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[ Lineup ] Would you go for 3rd Raikage, Roshi or Han?


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(If you're gonna choose 3rd Raikage) : In my opinion, you don't really need to have Darui, since you will lose his buff if you have low initiative and i pref Omoi than him .. Due to his High-Chance Combo, if 3rd Raikage or Samui lose a chance to do Combo, then Omoi will do the job and make sure that one of your opponents ninja will go under control status made by 3rd Raikage's Chase .. And also, i win some of my battles because of omoi, staying alive till the end ..

From what i did, I took Roshi first before Getting 3rd Raikage, since roshi is more versatile like the others said .. I used him with Sage Dust Team (Wind, AsumaWB, Kurotsuchi and Roshi), Poison+Ignite Team (Water, Fuguki, SailorSakura and Roshi) or the Triple Healer Team (Water, SailorSakura, Kurenai and Roshi) .. After Getting Roshi, i started to pull in Land of the Lightning Treasure since i'm not that interested with the GNW Treasure Ninjas .. After Getting the 3rd Raikage Team, i saved Seal Scrolls until this day, i used it to get Han (just 80SealScrolls and the rest maybe from the Freedraws) ..

Well, it depends on your taste .. But i would go suggest to get Roshi first, and target Sailor Sakura if you dont have her yet .. Or go for 3rd Raikage Team to get a complete team then run it with Fire Main (i pref) or Earth Main ..


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