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[ Updates ] IMPORTANT - Mystery skills delay problem


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Dear ninjas,

recently we have received bigger amount of reports not only here on forum but also on Discord and via our CS system concerning problems with mystery skills and their activation delay. We consider this problem as very serious and we plan on investigating it. But we need your help!

We would like to hear more details and if possible to see how exactly is this problem affecting your game-play.
- Is it affecting only specific ninjas?
- Is it affecting all special skills?
- When are you experiencing such problems?
- Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random?

Videos are always helpful and they would help us speed up the process of fixing this serious problem. Please make sure to post only valid and helpful responses in this thread. Any other comments will be deleted and creator may be punished.

We would like to thank you for notifying us about this problem and also thank you for your assistance in investigating this problem.

Your Naruto Online Operation Team

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Hello. Hear me out pls :) The game records moves ahead you can see this in pulling from treasures when you get announcements it do the same in combat and it seems it records way too much even on speed 1. You can notice this when you press a prompt mistery and you see 2 3 basics go off before your mistery is launched. Worst case is when you want your mistery to hit in the end and the game already recorded the attacks and it recorded end of round. It cost me my space Time battle when i was doing the combo in round 2 started by my turn 1 mistery then my turn 2 mistery from masked man got queed vs opponents earth main (turn 4)to stop using double attack(this was during the combo) and his earth main was faster and this cost me the win. Not here to brag but its getting a bit big problem i did not remember game was like this when i started in 1.0 :( have a good day.

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Any mystery activated towards end of round after pos 3 unit ninja attacked are all delayed to next round.

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Happens all the time in arena trying to cast a second position mystery which doesn't go off until the next round where it gets countered generally leading to defeat in arena....

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happens always, but is mostly random and seems the triggering condition are long chases or multiple high combo chases.

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Position 1 susano itachi goes after poistion 3-4 danzo or kurunei. Not to mention i have closer to 7k initiative advantage on itachi . Feels good losing to low power and low initiative ninjas.....................NOT.

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  • EDGELORDD On 2018-03-06 18:22:12
  • For me when I click a mystery near the end of the round it lags for example I use edo deidara, sailor sakura, jigokudo, and Earth main. When i used EM at the end of R1 when chakra is 40 it lags and the mystery is used 2nd round. Also, when i click a mystery lets say at the start of round 2 it goes off 3 secodns after I click.

    EDIT: sometimes I click it before standard attack of that character and it waits until THE END of the round to pop.

Ya more often the skill delay is close to the end of the round.

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  • Shereif On 2018-03-06 20:32:15
  • [A] - [Delay] section

    Before first chase combo in each round when you click any mystery if prompt it happens immediately, if non-prompt and you click right before the standard it happen immediately.

    After any chases you must calculate the delay time or you will fail like in the following situations:-

    [1] Clicking gaara before standard, he gets the barrier above his head, then he go standard and wait till round 2 to barrier.

    [2] Near the end of the round like sometimes before action 4 even do his action, if you click a jutsu it might not take the chakra and not take the mystery icon above head, then the next round it forces use it by taking chakra and doing it at beginning of round. thats bad because i need the 40 chakra or 60 chakra of the new round but i could have used the jutsu to spend chakra from earlier round.

    [3] With these delays doing a successful interrupt using a no-control ninjas (like Iruka, Samui,.. etc) is near impossible if the opponent just delayed his use instead of rushing. cuz we will never time it right, if you click as soon as it appears the delay will screw you over, but if you predicted it might work.

    [B] - [System Error] section

    [1] Control: thats when you click some jutsu, but the game already knows that this ninja gonna be controlled in the future so he cant use the jutsu early to save himself or do whatever before the control.

    [2] Death: If for example you have a water main or a healer that tries to use heal, if the delay reached the stage where he would have been attacked and died it wont let you heal in first place to prevent the future death by recovering HP. Instead it will say system error because game already consider the ninja dead

    [C] - [Temporary Fix] section

    If you click auto the second you want to click a jutsu instead of clicking a jutsu, there will be no delay and it will happen normally. but that cant happen if you have few mysteries available (not on cooldown) and enough chakra for all or for just 1 because it might not do what you want to do.

    But its a reliable fix if for example you have 1 jutsu only available at the time


    - Is it affecting only specific ninjas? NO, All ninjas are affected

    - Is it affecting all special skills? As mentioned above, All ninjas are affected (Special or not will NOT matter)
    - When are you experiencing such problems? Every single battle (PVP, PVE, EVENTS, LOCAL, X-SERVER,...etc)
    - Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random? As mentioned above, not random and not specific. (ITS IN ALL NON-AUTO BATTLES)

    - Platform used: Browser, i cant know for sure about client since i'm using mac. But i suppose its the same

    I've adapted to it and started calculating everything to time my jutsus and increase my % of successfully doing my stuff,

    so i hope i've helped and contact me for any further questions if needed

All of the above, I can only concur....

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  • MugenTsukiyomi On 2018-03-08 21:37:59
  • The above is the most accurate representation of the issue as I have experienced it as well on the PC Client.

    Mod/Admin, please review the above description from the point of view of Client & Browser players.


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The Fire Mains Shield Mystery is impossible to stop . I have fought against 6 fire mains today all at spot 4 and their mystery goes off before it appears of their head even when I have my lightning main 2nd position and with slash.

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Is this issue going to be fixed anytime soon? Becuz if not, all interrupt ninjas and control ninjas based on mystery will have disadvantage against someone who doesn't need to worry about delays like this.

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  • FruitsPunch On 2018-03-06 18:35:55
  • I experienced the mystery delay with Torune in arena several times.

Torune is not delayed, read about "[promt]" effect which is written near each mystery. If that player has no "[promt]", then it means his mystery will only work when his turn comes, or if you activated after he has made his turn, then he will use it next round when his turn comes, like Gaara etc.

About topic in general:
I really dislike these kinds of investigations/reports, gives the impression that developers/moderators, etc. people controlling the game no matter in what way, do not play their own game since for them the bug would be a lot easier to under if they played themselves time to time and understand what is wrong where.

- Is it affecting only specific ninjas? -No, every ninja is affected whose mystery is [promt]

- Is it affecting all special skills? -[Promt] mysteries are affected.

- When are you experiencing such problems? -Every time I play pvp.

- Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random? -Explain "specific in-game timed event". If it's event related, then no (obviously). If it's fight/battle/duel related, then yes. Is it Random? unsure, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, then probably random.

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I see in team instances as well when I do a TI with my alts. For example my alt on their screen might be "ahead" of me and killed a certain ninja whereas I'm a few moves back. And so when I initiate a mystery to target a certain mystyery of what appears before my alt, my alt goes first because what is shown on my screen is not real time.

That siad, the good thiing about this is that it lets me sometimes beat people with much higher initiative which is funny since those people spent so much money on iniatiive.

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  • Daiske On 2018-03-11 21:19:18
  • Hey there!

    I'm sorry but I can't share the plan with you. We are still collecting reports and all possible information about this problem. I will be reviewing all reports in this thread, we will process the data we were able to obtain and according to that, we will start working on a solution with our techs.

Hello daiske,

Even if you can't share any plan with us, is there a way that we can achieve a resolution faster than CN servers? There is no use to invest in initiative if, while fighting a guy who has 70k less power than me, my prompt mystery on position 2 got casted later than his not prompt mystery on position 4, just because i pressed the *on after my team did the whole combo.

Also, can't we just have the same fix china got at the end of last year, since the problem is the same?

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it happens all the time. I've noticed it does not occur during space time battle. At least not much. But other than that ... GNW, SWB, bonds ... it's everywhere. And it is not just when you are trying to use mystery at the end to outplay your opponent etc so it gets transfered. No ... sometimes I wait opponent to use their mystery, I instantly click mine but even with higher init etc. it let's the enemy go first. BUT! That's not the worst part. The worst part is that then I watch all other ninjas use their standard etc and then it goes off or it does not because meanwhile enemy move 4 gave chakra and iruka could interrupt move 1 ... or something like that. Pretty standart. Happens all the time to all players. Or Kisame is also a good example in bonds etc. Ofc you want to wait enemy to click their mysteries to use Kisame so that they can't use it but also waste CD. That's one of the things that can actually show a liiiiiiittle bit of skill. BUT! It's hard when you see enemy click their moves 3, 4 or even slower move 2 and use your Kisame but again ... he waits 2 minutes for all ninjas in gnw/bond to use their skills before his mystery goes off :D I mean ... now you have to play teams that can do no outplays and just smash *ons before next round even starts to make sure it actually goes off => you can play on auto basically and it will be the same.

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I have an issue which is making the use of my team impossible.I use susanoo sasuke shisui kurenai and wind in that order with idea to chaos 2 ppl in round 2 and then reset mysteries i get enough chakra for shisui during chases from sasuke's mystery thanks to Natural Draining talent from wind main, but even though he is 2nd position 4th position ninjas use their mysteries before my shisui going and i am spamming his skill *on (in my case 'W') all the time during the chases so it can activates as soon as i have 40 chakra and thats the difference usually between me winning or losing a fight, because it is either water main or sakura clearing before my shisui can chaos or wind main clearing with dance of impetus. If my shisui is to go when he is supposed to they shouldn't have any mysteries to use. The only time he goes before a character which is at 3rd or 4th position even though he is 2nd position is when they have action before mystery( for example jinpachi, Hokage Minato etc.) but that action is still executing before Shisui's chaos. So i am asking to please look into this problem, because it is a really big issue, which is making some teams unusable and making the natural draining talent from wind main useless in most situations.

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- Is it affecting only specific ninjas? - No
- Is it affecting all special skills? - No, but mostly delays happen when there is a cut scene mystery
- When are you experiencing such problems? everytime i face on of [SSN sasuke / Sasuke / Shisui]
- Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random? During battle / Fight sessions

I had this issue waaay before.. when you can possibly chain a 30hit combo from round 1 to round 2 by being faster with your move 1, it shouldn't be hard while you just wait for the last action to commence and hit a round 1 mystery to be the last action within the round but what happen is it is always moved to the next round even if the cooldown is consumed in the first round, We don't know about the possible cause or the game is just being too predictive and it doesn't let us play in a real time sequence, most errors i have is during a cut scene mystery [Sasuke / SSN sasuke / Shisui] for example i'm facing shisui after his cutscene mystery i wanted to know which ninja he attacked with his mystery as a water main with sailor sakura he can only confuse 1 and i can recover with 1 of either main or sakura who doesn't get hit by his mystery but whats happening is when i try to use sakura [after he use his mystery on water main] sakura's mystery is delayed by 2 actions rendering my team to either die or be ignited as far as i remember mysteries always goes first before normal attack.. i even tried to heal during his mid combo chase but it shows on my mystery tab "DEAD" even if my main survived the mystery + chase combo and could have healed with sakura but then again, normal attack goes first than mystery[prompt] so if its possible to have an option to remove mystery cut scenes it could be helped just my thought that the game has predicted 2-3 moves while the animation is going. it simply doesn't let us play on a real time strategic battle wherein we could have done more but it doesn't let us. petition is remove the mystery cuts or have an option to turn it on or off

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The server issue is still going on and I am already done with this since this type of thing just turns the whole battle against me. This time it took a plunder on my support which was exactly like this few minutes ago. First round Jonin Minato got bursted to the point where he could be healed up by Kurenai on second position, clicked the *on to heal him up enemy autos went first before the mystery I casted and that called the JM killed without none response on Kurenai mystery casted. The same the round later with wind main. Once enemy JM on p1 casted his mystery I casted mine wind main mystery which was on third position and it have not casted whole *ing round and got queued up the next round when it got disrupted by enemy units just bcz of this server thing.

I am done with this * when it cannot run properly when this turns whole fight over.

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I have same problem for about 2 weeks now on Polish server, so I think it affect all language version.

- Is it affecting only specific ninjas?


- Is it affecting all special skills?


- When are you experiencing such problems?

When I try to use Mystery during 4th enemy ninja standard attack, so I can CC him for next round, nothing happen, even if something attack after this 4th ninja (clones for example) and skill start to "cast" at begining of next round.

- Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random?

All PvP 1vs1 content for 1.0.

- Is it placebo?

No, I get nervous because of this for over week now, and now someone send me link to this thread.

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  • Liez07 On 2018-03-09 17:07:56
  • Hi Daisuke, can you give us on what's the plan to solve this issue?

Hey there!

I'm sorry but I can't share the plan with you. We are still collecting reports and all possible information about this problem. I will be reviewing all reports in this thread, we will process the data we were able to obtain and according to that, we will start working on a solution with our techs.

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