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[ Updates ] IMPORTANT - Mystery skills delay problem


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Dear ninjas,

recently we have received bigger amount of reports not only here on forum but also on Discord and via our CS system concerning problems with mystery skills and their activation delay. We consider this problem as very serious and we plan on investigating it. But we need your help!

We would like to hear more details and if possible to see how exactly is this problem affecting your game-play.
- Is it affecting only specific ninjas?
- Is it affecting all special skills?
- When are you experiencing such problems?
- Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random?

Videos are always helpful and they would help us speed up the process of fixing this serious problem. Please make sure to post only valid and helpful responses in this thread. Any other comments will be deleted and creator may be punished.

We would like to thank you for notifying us about this problem and also thank you for your assistance in investigating this problem.

Your Naruto Online Operation Team

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  • Liez07 On 2018-03-09 17:07:56
  • Hi Daisuke, can you give us on what's the plan to solve this issue?

Hey there!

I'm sorry but I can't share the plan with you. We are still collecting reports and all possible information about this problem. I will be reviewing all reports in this thread, we will process the data we were able to obtain and according to that, we will start working on a solution with our techs.

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