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[ Updates ] IMPORTANT - Mystery skills delay problem


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  • [A] - [Delay] section

    Before first chase combo in each round when you click any mystery if prompt it happens immediately, if non-prompt and you click right before the standard it happen immediately.

    After any chases you must calculate the delay time or you will fail like in the following situations:-

    [1] Clicking gaara before standard, he gets the barrier above his head, then he go standard and wait till round 2 to barrier.

    [2] Near the end of the round like sometimes before action 4 even do his action, if you click a jutsu it might not take the chakra and not take the mystery icon above head, then the next round it forces use it by taking chakra and doing it at beginning of round. thats bad because i need the 40 chakra or 60 chakra of the new round but i could have used the jutsu to spend chakra from earlier round.

    [3] With these delays doing a successful interrupt using a no-control ninjas (like Iruka, Samui,.. etc) is near impossible if the opponent just delayed his use instead of rushing. cuz we will never time it right, if you click as soon as it appears the delay will screw you over, but if you predicted it might work.

    [B] - [System Error] section

    [1] Control: thats when you click some jutsu, but the game already knows that this ninja gonna be controlled in the future so he cant use the jutsu early to save himself or do whatever before the control.

    [2] Death: If for example you have a water main or a healer that tries to use heal, if the delay reached the stage where he would have been attacked and died it wont let you heal in first place to prevent the future death by recovering HP. Instead it will say system error because game already consider the ninja dead

    [C] - [Temporary Fix] section

    If you click auto the second you want to click a jutsu instead of clicking a jutsu, there will be no delay and it will happen normally. but that cant happen if you have few mysteries available (not on cooldown) and enough chakra for all or for just 1 because it might not do what you want to do.

    But its a reliable fix if for example you have 1 jutsu only available at the time


    - Is it affecting only specific ninjas? NO, All ninjas are affected

    - Is it affecting all special skills? As mentioned above, All ninjas are affected (Special or not will NOT matter)
    - When are you experiencing such problems? Every single battle (PVP, PVE, EVENTS, LOCAL, X-SERVER,...etc)
    - Is it happening during specific in-game timed event or is it random? As mentioned above, not random and not specific. (ITS IN ALL NON-AUTO BATTLES)

    - Platform used: Browser, i cant know for sure about client since i'm using mac. But i suppose its the same

    I've adapted to it and started calculating everything to time my jutsus and increase my % of successfully doing my stuff,

    so i hope i've helped and contact me for any further questions if needed

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