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[ Help ] I want to say rudely


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How to beat that lineup guys xD


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Type GG EZ on the battle chat then click on the blue thing on your bottom right part

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I fought the evil version of that yesterday...


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both those teams are easy men xaxaxa))))) this is how


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Use Fukurokumaru, Aoneko, and GOLDEN MAGIC MONKEY.

The enemy will retreat out of fear.

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in arena there are a ton of options.

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Just unplug your router, sit in a corner and reflect on how much more you'd have to spend to get that team. Then just go around your house pretending that you're ok when you're really not, but they just wouldn't understand.

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Lol..just skip and go...somethings are like that..the number of players having it are very probability of meeting these teams are very as of now not a disaster..just skip and go

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To beat that Zombie meta line up, you must have at least one or some ninja on the same tier to beat em completely. I knew someone who has that line up in my server and when It comes to one on one battle, him having 140k bp, while me 95k it will be tricky and you have to keep on trying, trial and error. I used edo Deidara teams, Kakuzu earth grudge line ups, Roshi poison tai water main teams, all teams that do " wear your enemy down, while you heal" doesn't work on that Zombie Ninjas and even endurance teams. The only teams that has potential to win against it is a Juiced up Blitz teams like Shisui, 4th Ay, etc. but we all know that blitz teams are easy to dissect and they are not always solid,you have to eliminate one of his ninjas on round 1 or at round 2 or it will be a lost battle. My pre made team below is the only team in my knowledge and what my pocket can afford to be on par with that Zombie team.

That Zombie team you mentioned always pops a mystery every round, absorbs all your chakra and Locks you down EVERY ROUND. I fought with it and its formidable.

Practical Application.

1) at Round one, take a beating, do not pop any mystery.

2) at Round two, you have to be patient, wait for Edo Hashirama's Mystery to be poped, his passive debuff and the firemain's Debuff Shield if he is using it. You have to make sure you opponent has no secret tricks left to control your hashirama barrier. If they targeted your Hashirama, use Kushina's mystery on him to remove all debuffs and pop the Barrier and if your main isn't immobiled make sure to immobile Edo Hashirama using your firemains mystery so that he wont be moving next round.

3) Do not panic if the previous round left your team hanging on the line, specially if your Four tails/Six tails hp is low, the lower the beasts hp the crazier the damage it does.

4) at Round three, use the tailed beast bomb and make sure you hit the one in front because it causes repulse means the ninjas behind him will take twice the dmg. This tailed beast bomb hit really hard! it can leave a team with 100% hp to 10% hp in one buffed up mystery.


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  • singsong On 2018-03-04 01:23:17
  • both those teams are easy men xaxaxa))))) this is how


This team doesnt not even come close to beating it xD

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