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[ Events ] Great Ninja War Pack Suggestion


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Alright, so I noticed this in our last GNW win. When the packs are given to the group, there isn't enough to give all members. I don't think that's right. The pack given to the player should be determined on their participation, and everyone should get "Something".

Is there anyway to change it to a participation in the amount of battles and rewards based on that, then also their groups place in the GNW? That makes the most sense, and allows everyone to grow. I think it would benefit this version of Naruto Online vs. others. The pack should just be sent through the mail.

What are everyone else's thoughts? Lower the rewards a little and ensure everyone gets a pack? That's mine. I'm not saying to like 2 seal scrolls, but at least 5 for the winning group, 4 for second winning group, etc. Even the groups that didn't place high should get "Something". It's to make everyone stronger, just as in the anime.

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Dont bother all they care for is income lol shows with latest events lol 1 fragments lol I lasttime it was5lol.but they seen people getting iruka for 600 ingots instead of 2500 lol
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