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Sailor Sakura Stats nerfed?


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I've had my Sailor Sakura as one of my top BP ninjas for over a year now.

My WB Asuma used to be behind on her by a few hundred BP (same gear, same slot), he's also 5* and 65% mooded, equal lvls, awakens & fully cultivated.

Today, I noticed WB Asuma was positioned ahead of Sailor in my ninja's invent. To my surprised, WB asuma gave "870 BP" more than Sailor.

What i'm curious on right now is if WB Asuma got buffed, or Sailor got nerfed? Has anyone else noticed this change?

Could a mod shed some light on this, as i'm 100% certain WB Asuma is less BP than Sailor Sakura (under same star level, and mood %) pre-today's update.

sailor 1

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  • Garv On 2018-02-23 03:00:07
  • there's no way sakura gave you more bp before considering you mooded asuma for ninjutsu while you mooded sakura for hp while selecting also ninjutsu as the stat to be removed.

    btw, my 5th lineup is han roshi sailor and my power didn't change in comparison of yesterday, but is a while i don't use asuma wind blade, no idea if he got buffed (i doubt).

my bad, i must've mooded her to HP from NIN for my space-time fight.

she's now 51987 BP, few hundred over WB Asuma again.

lol i feel dumb making this thread now X_x, could a mod please close it


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  • Michgefragt On 2018-02-23 03:30:22
  • Kira did you get gnw super yet?

Madara, called it before the treasure even came out, came after the 30th pull after 17 gnw rares (same amount it took for my kage super)

nothing rng relates goes my way in this game >.>

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  • Michgefragt On 2018-02-23 04:04:09
  • Why is this game like this????? You would think the people who spend the most, would have the best chances. It's like they burn the p2w, in every way possible. I went 26k rechrage, and didn't even get Minato. So you could say I am a little su*ious right now. I am lvl 82 eith 98k BP, and so far, I seem to have the worst luck. Which is su*ious to me, because when I was lower powered, I was getting the prizes left and right. VIP 5, and now the tables have turned on me... Something isn't right Kira. I watched Kaizer's video, and he is right. Something just isn't right. Only game I know, that works against p2w.

I've spent into most RNG wheels/events, have not landed any 80 frag ninjas better than a gnw kiba.

I'm not proud to have recharged over 275k+ ingots in the first half year since I started in 17' October, and because of my 0% chances at anything RNG related, I chose to become a smaller spender since this summer, $5-15 a month just to get by on extra plunders and monthly pack.

I'm actually more satisfied with this game now than ever before. The constant spending into every event cycle was not healthy, specially since later spring when they started popping up heavy p2p ninjas part of rng events and every other joe getting it around you for next to nothing.

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