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[ Lineup ] Help against a team


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I'm wondering how you counter Kushimaru, Jinpachi, Mangetsu, and LM lineup. Just looking for a general counter and what I should build a lineup to fight it.

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honestly han is probably your best if you have him. if not, then sailor sakura for heals and baiting out the dodges. it's a rough team to face without being prepared for it.

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Simple answer would be han - he will remove all the buffs. The other choice would be something like an immune team so you won't be affected by the ignition and immobile that kushimaru and jinpachi throws out at you.

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Yeah, i was thinking Han (which is one of the few ninjas I don't have) and an immune team. Just was wondering if there was someone out there that had a weird team that worked

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Itachi anbu,Shisui,LM,Iruka
This team always beats them for me atleast

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Ninjas like Masked Man - Han are your best friends in this case.

Otherwise some blitzy teams with Lightning Main or with Anbu Itachi could work also depending on the power differences.

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