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[ Fanart ] Valentine


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Yooh, back again with me Shinku...

I just drawing my heart condition when Valentine LOL as a girl I only did like what usually a girl will do.

I’ve fallen deeply into him.When I fall in love, I become a fool.

I hope u all have a nice day.

Character : Azure and Scarlet

Costume : CN server CNY

"So, that must be ur answer. It's so easy, and yet so difficult, for I can move on as soon as I accept reality.

Unable to believe it, not wanting to believe it. I must be a clown inside ur mind, aren't I?

Yes, this is the sad end of my fate. I'm still unable to reach u.

For just one sec, I hold my breath and unable to say anything.

It's a coincidence, and yet also fate for I knew it'd be better if I didn't try to find out.

I quit. I'm not waiting here for u anymore. Otherwise, I really will end up breaking."


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  • Waka_Man On 2018-02-19 00:53:47
  • Just let go, someone deserves you more and you deserve to be happy and to be loved unconditionally .. Just hold my hand and run from this reality and live a life where only love and happiness surrounds us ..

    Yours truly,

    Qv, Great Disciple of Jiraiya-Sama ..

    ***btw, your piece is full of emotion and i can feel it .. it's great and fantastic .. keep it up my dear shinku :")))

Lolol aww thanks u so much XD

I will try my best and thanks again I appreciate it

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