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[ PVP ] Arena Inquiry


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So I was chilling in arena, testing fun lineups and do the shinobi feast missions. Then I encountered this wind main TWICE. Her line-up were : Iruka 1st, Itachi 2nd, Wind Main and Kurenai. Mine were : Itachi (Anbu) 1st, Fire Main, Shikamaru (Paradise), Ino (GNW).
Everything happened normally (except my Itachi attack after Iruka) until round 2 where my Itachi (anbu)'s mystery got cancel by Iruka's shuriken TWICE despite the fact that my line up cast buffs AFTER the enemy cast their buffs which obviously showed that I have better total initiative. Also all my ninjas are FASTER th*l of her ninjas EXCEPT for Itachi being slower than Iruka.

This is really really weird. As far as I know in arena TOTAL initiative decide which side go first and all ninjas on the team that has higher initiative will always attack before enemy ninjas in the same position. So why just my Itachi being slower than Iruka while the rest are faster? Iruka has some hidden buff in arena? Or there is something that changed that I haven't notice?

Jib Edit: Hi! It might be easier if you can show a picture of your ninja placement! Thanks

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@Jib : here is my line-up

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Arena is counting the initiative stat from treasured tools now, which of course only benefit an individual ninja. So it is possible that your opponent had a highly leveled treasured tool on their iruka, making him and him alone faster than your slot 1 itachi, while the rest of their ninjas had under leveled tools instead.

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    @Jib : here is my line-up

Thank you! based on the information, goalie720 would be correct. Although a lineup as a whole can have a higher initiative which affects who buffs first and lasts, each individual ninja has their own specific initiative which can determine who goes first each move from first position to fourth position.


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In arena has always mattered, at least since second half of 2.0, when the 10% power in arena was removed, the single slot initiative that comes from your STARTING GEAR, not from your current equipped gear.

Do you want to know what is the gear equipped on your ninjas in features like arena/matsuri?

Do this simple operation:

1) Go in 'ninja'.

2) Remove 3 ninjas from the lineup.

3) Move your main in another slot.

4) Add back 1 ninja (lets say iruka), then add back another ninja (lets say choji), then add back the last ninja (lets say naruto).

5) Go in 'character' and look at the inititive your ninjas own at this point. The initiative of your main in this case will be your prompt move 1 initiative in arena/matsuri, the initiative on iruka will be your prompt move 2 initiative, the initiative on choji will be your prompt move 3 initiative and the initiative on naruto will be your 4th prompt move initiative.

EDIT: Beware that those values could differ by a lot from those you are used to and would be those you are used to ONLY if you never moved a single piece of gear.

Beware also that there are two modifications to those values and are the presence or not of a quick rune in the relative eight inner gates slot and the treasure tool equipped in the arena UI.

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