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[ Lineup ] Han [Five-Tails Jinchuriki] Lineups


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  • yes, but if you are compelled to use han to remove some annyoing buffs, like bee sst's 'yo' or lightning armor, could be you are compelled to use it after kurenai shielded.

    i think in general that in that team jonin minato works better than hokage, given the fact hokage have no hopes to deliver two standards per round and that his other advantage, the resistance buff, gets denied by han mystery.

Idea is waiting a bit and removing all the buffs. Then, tagging a ninja with minato. After that, attacking that ninja with mystery and tagging the whole team (c*so cause AOE interrupt). After that, it is a tag and high damage party.Plus , skill broken kurunei can recover large amount of life. If you misplayed by using han too fast then not the lineup's fault.

Adding jonin makes that team slow (han takes forever to attack and minato only attacks 2 ninjas) . Add the dodge ninjas like shisui ,and iruka. There is a huge risk. With hokage, you can at least manually tag 1 ninja with mystery.

Ofc, in some cases jonin might be better. This game is about strategy and sadly no end game lineups :(

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