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[ Lineup ] Han [Five-Tails Jinchuriki] Lineups


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Hey everyone!

Today we have Han, he is the perfect counter ninja versus any buff / shield teams (especially Lightning Main teams).


His strength is being tanky with his insane defense growth + super armor/self heal and 1 standard attack block.

Also the fact that his mystery removes buffs and shields can be crazy good versus a lot of team that rely on buff/shields. (but doesn't allow you also to use shields/buffs except for the permanent buffs which are non-removable)


Otherwise his chase is nothing special and his mystery damage is very low.

His weakness is debuffs such as poison and ignite because they kill him easily.

Overall I would say he is a great ninja to use in counter purposes , especially in Space Time fights for example if you are lower power than your enemy he works very good.

Let's see some teams:

1. Water Main "the kill immune ninjas with Poison Tai"


Note: This is Sailor Sakura (she got a model re-work in China)

Now this team is full of heals with Kushina and Han self-healing and Water Main/Sakura healing them also which makes it a very tanky team especially with the fact that you remove all buffs from the enemy.

If you feel un-safe with pos2 Han you could use him in pos1 but Kushina is more suited for it due to that mystery spam and re-applying poison tai all the time to slowly kill your enemy.

Kushina is providing an immobile chase also , therefore there is no need to use neurotoxin on Water Main and we can enhance the heals thru Healing Tips.

2. Water Main "the classic Han-Roshi full heal team"



Note: Again this is Sailor Sakura in screenshot.

This team should be familiar to everyone, it's widely used with F2P players due to the fact that it allows them to beat even 20-30k higher power enemies.

Same as the team above it's 2x self-heal and 2x healers, with big survivability potential and removing enemy buffs makes it even harder to kill.

Neurotoxin is there to chaos an enemy ninja which can be quite helpful a lot of times, however if you feel no need for it you c*e Healing Tips.

3. Water Main "the Hokage Minato team"



This team requires full breakthrough Kurenai.

A bit unsafe with the tags but overall there is potential of damage thanks to the Poison Tai passive.

Kurenai dealing chaos chase so there is that control and no need for Neurotoxin passive.

4. Fire Main "the Susano Itachi control team"



The Fire Main mystery can be replaced to the immobile one for maximum control options.

Overall it's a safe/tanky team with the mirror and immobile chase/ chaoses.

Han can remove all the Flower Guard/Root of Warrior immunity and Itachi can chaos them.

They are all receiving buff from Mei barrier and main damage dealer is Susano Itachi in the team with his hard hitting standard attack.

5. Fire Main "the Jinchuriki team"



A very f2p friendly team and can beat a lot of higher power enemy teams.

Han removing all buffs leaving an option for Fire Main to control a ninja.

Yagura could also steal enemy buff/barrier or even useful chases which can come in very handy.

Main damage is coming from Fire Main standard attack actually here since he will trigger all the ignite/poison chases (KoH can be replaced for Chameleon but it's not as good obviously due to lack of poison)

That would be all , feel free to leave a suggestion or a question in comments as always !

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Kurenai shields are applied after Han mystery

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  • PawnL On 2018-02-16 22:06:23
  • That last team wouldn't work well without the fire main's shield mystery.

It works pretty well , my friend used that team for quite some time when Han came out and he was beating a lot of 10-20k power higher enemies.

But yes shield mystery c*so be used for sure.

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  • vr00z On 2018-02-19 18:07:23
  • 1st team

    I think we dont have that sakura version yet here!!

Read the description of that team, that is Sailor Sakura

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