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[ Suggestions ] Reduce cost of Gift Pack's Special Offer items


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too costly

it costs more to buy these 3 items together here than it would to buy them separately from the shop. 25 per tactic page 10 pages = 250. A Lv. 4 magatama is max 135, min 108. and a seal scroll is 125.

so max value of this pack is 250+125+135 = 510, but the pack costs 699 to buy. this pack is being sold for 37% MORE than the base price of the items that we could buy at anytime normally.

Items in events should never cost MORE than they do normally.

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Well, that the way business works .. If you're an impulsive buyer and doesn't care about calculating, you're just gonna click that *on as your mind also says "oh, its a great deal" .. while us, the so called F2P or even the light spenders are too careful when dealing with such amount and makes us double triple think about the deal .. Just think of the big companies of foods or other items in real life .. they do different brands and names of same product so the consumers have choices eventho its only the same product made by the same company ..

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Lets say is an option if you want to use ingots and not coupons to get points for the time limited shop.

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