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[ Fanfiction ] Travelling to the Past(Rating T)


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Barren City of Vale - Distant Future

Grimm of various species roamed around Vale; a pack Beowolf, Ursa, Boarbatusk, a lone Nevermore and a herd of Goliath. The scene pans around Vale, showing the once prestigious city reduced to nothing but a barren wasteland, full of ruined buildings.

Every house, shop, and any other buildings were all destroyed, the debris still crumbling down onto the ground. There were no signs of human nor Faunus life. There were only Grimm, and Grimm alone. Salem, the proclaimed Queen of the Grimm, had won the battle against Ozpin, and overrun the kingdom of Vale. Soon, next was Vacuo, then Mistral, *rie and finally, Atlas.

The Huntsman and Huntresses were all situated into the island of Vytal, their last land of resistance. Everyone from all around have banded on the small island, planning to stave off the Grimm in one of the kingdoms and hopefully recuperate their resources and defenses.

However, a lone male stood on top of one of the still structurally stable buildings, glaring down on the creatures of negativity. He had completely black hair, long enough that it covered the left side of his face. The male wore a black cloak with purple lining, and a gray, long-sleeved, collared shirt, a periwinkle vest over it. He also wore black pants, a purple belt, and dark grey fingerless glove on two of his hands. On his back, there was a sheathed sword, the hilt colored black with linings of red and three black feathers on each side adorned on it.

The male grunted and spoke. "I'll teach you all the meaning of hatred." He leaned forward and began to descend down. The Grimm looked up, sensing a large presence of negativity.

Every species of Grimm present looked up and saw the male bullet-diving towards them. The Nevermore squawked and started to ascend further to clash with the man. The male smirked. The bird Grimm started to near him, he flipped himself on the very last second and drop kicked it down on the ground, falling on some Beowolves and causing a crack on the street.

The male smirked and fell on the ground with a loud crash, *ing up some dust from the impact. He slowly stood up and faced the beasts that took away everything. His team, his family, his friends...and most important of all; his fiancee. With a glare, his eyes flashed, making every Grimm present that stared at him roar in pain, which was a quarter of them.

His eyes turned completely red, his pupil remaining the same color and surrounded by three black tomoes. The male placed his grip on his sword's hilt, slowly unsheathing it as the Grimm started to recomposed themselves. Those who were blinded by the flash, spun around and stared into their fellow Grimm. They growled and charged right at them, making the stranger smirk in amu*t.

The seemingly controlled Grimm, which consisted of Beowolves and Goliaths started attacking their fellow Grimm, speedily reducing their numbers. The male considered this as a signal and charged straight into the fray, completely unsheathing his blade, in a backhanded grip. He jumped over a Beowolf's sweep before spin-kicking it twice on its muzzle. He landed and decapitated the werewolf-like Grimm straight off.

Quickly, he kicked its corpse into a pack of Ursai and ran at them. He brought up his sword and started decapitating every bear-Grimm with nothing but ease. A Beowolf tried to pounce him, but the male was too agile. He did a back flip, dodging the canine Grimm. Quickly, the male landed and blocked two claws from three Ursais with nothing but his blade.

He smirked and pushed off the three bears. He spun around and sliced one of them vertically in half. The male turned to face the second and bisected that one. Turning to the third one, he grinned.

The sounds of a thousand birds, chirping as one began to echo through out the barren city. The male raised his blade and aimed it right a the Ursa's head. A long spear of lightning materialized from the blade and pierced through its head, before piercing through a couple more Grimm, such about three Goliath, six Beowolves and an Ursa Major.

All of them stabbed in the head by the spear of lightning. They all fell on the ground with a loud thud, before dissolving into black vapor. Two Goliath roared and began to charge right at the male. But he didn't move and instead closed his eyes.

Four packs of Beowolves, with *pha at the front, an Ursa Major accompanied by some Minors, with a flock of Nevermore appearing and barreling down towards the male. Yet he remained unmoving from his position, allowing the Grimm to finally reach him.

But at the very split second, he opened up his eyes, it changed. It was completely black with the pattern of three, red, intersecting ellipses and at the very middle was a three-bladed like fan. Suddenly, the Grimm stopped, as the male's eyes flashed once more. If there was anyone at all that would witness this fight, they would gasp in shock as male's left eye dripped blood.

"AMATERASU!" shouted out the male.

The area around him started to permeate, bubbling like a large amount of heat was surrounding him, which started to irritate the Grimm. Abruptly, black flames burst out of nowhere and began to burn the Grimm.

Every beast of negativity howled in pain as they started to combust into nothing but ashes. A minute later, the black flames ceased, only a couple of Grimm remaining, making the male grunt in satisfaction. He looked at the remaining Grimm with boredom and points his sword towards them.

"Come. Taste your death."

But before the Grimm could even move, two more figures dropped down. Both female and male.

The female had silver eyes and long black hair, the tips sporting color red. She is sporting a white high-neck décolletage blouse with brown studded wristbands on the arms. A black skirt with red tulle underneath and an overbust corset with a red strip holding it in place. A black belt bordered in red holds a giant scythe and some ammunition. Thigh-high stockings reaching to a few inches below the hem of her skirt, decorated by an image of a long-stemmed rose. Red-soled black boots contain four straps and buckles apiece. A cloak that has a singular clip on the right shoulder in the shape of an emblem. Both the cloak and the stockings show tears from hard wear.

The male had blond hair and deep-azure eyes. He wore a black, short-sleeved hoodie with a modified pure white chestplate, covering up his upper abdomen, trimmed with gold-lining and similarly colored bracers. Over his hands, he wore black gloves with gold-colored metal plates over his fingers and a red sash around his waist. The male is also wearing dark brown laced boots with a brown belt. In his right hand. he held a blade with an elaborate cross-guard and hilt. On his left was a shield, accented with gold and a design at the point of the shield.

Both looked at each other before looking back at the remaining Grimm and charged. The female took out her scythe and started slashing around the Beowolves, easily handling it and dismembering their limbs. She spun around and bisected four Beowolves at once, their two halves slipping down before they all dissolved to dust.

The blond male roared and started swinging around his blade with bot power and speed. He deflected an Ursa's claws before cleaving off its arm. He jumped up to the bear and decapitated it in one swing. A Goliath roared and started to stampeded towards him.

Suddenly, the blade was lit ablaze by a white, bright flame. The blond held it up for a moment, the tip pointing into the air. As the Goliath started to near, the blond roared and swung down his blade, releasing an arc of the white flame towards the large Grimm. The elephant-like Grimm wasn't deterred and continued to charge.

That would prove to be a fatal mistake. The flaming arc passed through the Goliath and it sliced it in half. The two halves quickly dissolved to dust and *tered into the wind. The blond blocked a Nevermore's swooping attack and quickly pinned it to the ground. With a smirk, he bisected the thing, killing it.

The black-haired male smiled and sheathed back his sword, as he walked up to the two, watching them as they continued to finish off the remaining Grimm.

Both female and male nodded at each other and their Aura flashed from their bodies. A bright white light emnated from the blond before a transparent version of himself shot out from his body and began quickly killing the Grimm. While the female disappeared in a blur, leaving around trails of roses around as she blitzed through a pack of Alphas, quickly decapitating them with ease.

With all the nearby Grimm dead, both of them stopped and smiled in satisfaction and faced the raven-haired male. The first male spoke as he approached the two. "What took you guys so long?"

The cloaked female smirked and shrugged. "It's not easy sneaking into Beacon's Underground Room, ya know?"

The cloaked male chuckled as he looked at his comrades. "I suppose so. But the question remains, do you two have them?"

"It wasn't easy getting them with all the fakes surrounding it." said the blond. He and the female held up seemingly ordinary stopwatches. All three were colored black, the hands were gold, the numbers were white and the chain was red.

He threw it to the raven-haired male, who caught it. The three of them looked at each other and mentally prepared themselves for what they were about to do. The cloaked-female sadly smile as she looked at the stopwatch. "This is it. Our ticket to fixing things up. To make sure that their sacrifices won't be in vain. Right Sasuke? Jaune?"

The two nodded as they began to recite the members of their old team "Ren, Nora...and Pyr. "

Sasuke had a melancholic look as his grip over the stopwatch tightened. "Hinata, Naruto...Sakura."

"Yang, Blake, Weiss. The nine of them died, but we won't let those weigh us down. We need to keep going and fix up everything so that their deaths doesn't come off as something they shouldn't have done."

The two males nodded as they looked back at the object in-hand. "Let's do this and fix Ozpin's mistake." said Sasuke.

All three of them pressed the *on on the stopwatch right at the same time. A blue glow began to circle around them, lifting the three into the air before dozens of numbers surrounded them. In a blink, a portal appeared and it *ed them in.

They gritted their teeth as they were pulled downwards. The trio saw flashes of their lives surround them as they fell down. Up from their happiest moments to the saddest moments. They let out pained cries as a light blinded them.

Sasuke groaned as he slowly blinked away his dizziness. He rubbed his head and stood up, seeing Jaune and Ruby both lying down, face first. He looked around and saw that they were in a dead-end alleyway, where there was no one present. He walked up to the streets and his significantly widened, seeing banners around that was promoting the Vytal Festival.

They did it. They returned to the past. Sasuke crept up to the two and started to shake them awake.

"Oi, Ruby, Jaune! Wake up. We did it, we're back in the past!"

Both former leaders of their team softly groaned as they sat up. "W-we did?" asked Ruby.

Jaune pulled out his Scroll, which had the setting to reconfigure to whatever the date was when it's connected to a source of internet. The blond smiled, seeing that it wasthe day they had their epic and most literal food fight. It really deserved an Oscar.

"Well," started Sasuke. "Let's get to Beacon."

JNPR's former leader nodded, but Ruby had other plans. "Wait!"

The two males blinked confusingly at the Rose. "Uh, what is it Ruby?' asked Jaune.

"I just had the greatest idea ever!"

Sasuke and Jaune looked at each other. They had a feeling that it wasn't her greatest idea.

Beacon's Cafeteria - Aftermath of the JNPR vs RWBY vs SNSH Food Fight

The three teams laughed as they just had the most EPIC food fight EVER. Too bad Professor Goodwitch cleaned up the aftermath before they could forever immortalize it in their Scrolls to cherish the moments forever.

Yang's grin hasn't left her grin as she adjusted Ember Celica on her arms. "Man! That was so awesome!"

Nora beamed and nodded vigorously in agreement. "Yup!" Although her happy look was quickly replaced with a frown. "It's really bad that Professor Goodwitch cleaned up our art before we could take a picture."

Jaune, Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other with a smirk and spoke as one. "Not really art, but quite comparable."

The Schnee heiress rolled her eyes indignantly and placed her hands on her hips. "You three and your so-called definition of art."

An offended look crept it was up to Naruto's face, forcing Hinata, Sasuke, Jaune, Nora and Pyrrha and Yang to hold him back before he could get his hands on Weiss. "What did you just say?! Art is, and always will be, an explosion! What's the point in the piece of creation to be forever eternal?! It'll became stale and dull! Unworthy to be even called a piece of art! It's better for art to be witnessed in an instant, where you can admire its beauty before it fades!"

Blake sighed and stares at the white-themed girl. "Seriously Weiss? You know how Naruto gets every time someone insults their definition of art."

Weiss just shrugged indifferently as the three teams continued to walk through the halls, preparing to take a stroll through to Vale. However, three masked figures blocked their way. Sakura blinked and titled her head.

"Uh, can you three please move?"

The shortest of the trio had a Nevermore mask. The one in the middle wore a King Taijitu mask. And the tallest wore a Goliath mask. The three all wore a black cloak that covered their entire bodies, not giving the teams a chance to *yze them.

The one in the middle grunted as he spoke in a distorted voice. "Look at them, acting so carefree as if the world isn't infested with Grimm right now."

Goliath spoke in an echoed tone. "You can't really blame them. They're nothing but children playing the role of an adult."

That comment infuriated everyone as they glared at three. Yang settled into her battle stance, her eyes turning red. "Just who the hell are you three to call us children?!"

Nevermore gestured to herself and the other two, speaking in a deep female voice. "Call us Team SRJ." Before pointing at the three teams. "And we're here to kill Ozpin."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he and the others quickly whipped out their weapons. Taijitu brought a sword with a pure black blade, while Nevermore and Golitath took out their weapons. The Uchiha screamed in fear as he saw Taijitu's weapon. He started to hyperventilate, his eyes turning to pinpricks as he began to sweat profusely.

Naruto gritted his teeth as he tried to shake Sasuke out of it. "Snap out of it, teme! It's not Itachi!"

Taijitu lowered his hand and crouched, holding his weapon in a backhanded grip. "*ter!"

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I was confused for a moment but eventually wrapped my head around things. Interesting!

Also, I think it's funny... that I just recently created a minor character called SRJ for use in one of my other projects O.o

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