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[ Help ] Too bumped! - Need either cheering up or an intervention


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Hey NO's community. It's been forever since I the last time I was here. :)

Right, so, way back when that wheel with Hokage Minato was out, I spent quite a bit of coupon on it. As anyone could expected from a f2p account that had lived for almost a year at that point - I got nil. No Minato or Seal Scroll. Just stars that can be exchanged for Sailor frags.

From that point on, I start doing something that I have NEVER done before: I spent. ON THE WHEELS. Because at some point, you kinda need a good ninja to keep up with everyone else on a server that has lived over a year. But as you can expected from a kinda F2P player (I bought Gaara - didn't regret it), i still got nothing.

So I'm writing this, hoping that the community could drop me a line to either cheer me up, or to give some info about how much coupons it takes you to hit jackpot on the wheel, or just outright intervene me on *ing coupons on the wheels.

Disclaimer: This isn't a salty or hate thread. If you hit jackpot - I'm glad you did and have nothing against you. Heck, I'm glad to see that it's not impossible. Just need some cheering up and/or info.


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