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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - February 8th


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Dear Ninjas!

We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be added to the game on 02/08/18! Please, have a look below to check the new events!


Kisame Hoshigaki [Samehada Fusion Mode]

Naruto [Nine-Tails Chakra]

Gaara - Skill Breakthrough

!! New Breakthrough Ninja - Gaara, Konan !!

!!! New Ninja added: Fukurokumaru[Retaining Fortune] !!!

1. "Fukurokumaru's Deals" added. Use Coupons and get rebates for doing so! Use both Coupons and Ingots to get fantastic rebates and purchase exclusive Gift Bags!

Period: February 8th – February 14th


a) Reach the given usage of both Coupons and Ingots to get free rewards and be eligible to buy specific gift bags and exclusive prices.

b) All Ingots used in ALL functions, systems, events and interfaces are accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

c) In what concerns the usage of Coupons, ONLY Coupons used in "Weekly Events" (Hot Topics), "Shop", "Mysterious Cave" and "Battle Armor" will be accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals". For example, Coupons used in "Eight Inner Gates", Offer Gifts purchased with Coupons in the Home system to offer to visiting Ninja, Coupons used to refresh the Black Market and Coupons used to revive Characters are not accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

2. "Konoha's Great Tree" added. Watch your tree and your server's World Tree grow and get Fortune Coins! Get to the Fortune Shop and exchange them!

Period: February 8th – February 14th

Servers that open after February 8th cannot take part in this event.

How To:

a) Konoha's Great Tree has an icon in the main HUD; players can click the icon to enter this event.

b) Players can obtain Dew Drops by clearing trials in Survival Trial, participating in the Arena or clearing Team Instances. Buying Daily Packs will also earn players Dew Drops.

c) Bless the Lucky Tree using Dew Drops, Coupons or Ingots to obtain Points and Items or Fortune Coins from the Lucky Tree. Points and Fortune Coins can be redeemed in different shops in the event, both can be found in the event’s interface.

d) The Lucky Tree will level up when a given amount of Points is reached.

e) All players from a given same server can obtain items from the World Tree. Its level is related to the amount of Points of all Players from a single server.

f) Remember to use Dew Drops, Fortune Coins and Konoha’s Great Tree Points before the deadline of the events (which is according to the computers’ time) or it will be reset to 0.

REMARK: a Daily Purchase Limit was set to all items in the Fortune Store.

3. "Treasure of the Sage" added. What are the valuables inside the treasure? Use your key to open the gate of surprises!

Period: February 8th – February 14th

How To:

a) Complete Plot/Elite Instances to get Sage’s Key, you can get a maximum of 5 free Sage’s Key daily. The Sage’s Key can be bought in the Time-Limited Shop as well. "Sage's Key" obtained for this week's events need to be spent this week, once the events end, the "Sage's Key" you didn't spend will reset to 0.

b) Use Sage’s Key to open the Treasure of the Sage, when you open it, you will receive random rewards.

c) After opening the treasure, 4 random items will appear with different discounts. By refreshing, you can get different items and different discounts. Also, you can get random rewards by refreshing the valuables in the treasure.

d) The maximum discount obtainable is of 50%!

Take this chance to obtain Minato Namikaze [Jonin] and Masked Man at a reduced price or other awesome items, if you wish to get him or upgrade its Stars, have a try! Wish you all good luck!

4. "Myoboku Trial" added. Mount Myoboku sent a trial to test all ninja and your skills! Are you ready to take on this trial and win all rewards?!

Period: February 8th – February 14th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

“Myoboku Trial” event is divided into three tabs.


Every player can claim its respective rewards for logging in the game during the given dates.

2/8: Orizuru*3, Cultivation Rune*2000, Fukurokumaru[Retaining Fortune] Fragment*2

2/9: Mood Scroll*3, Dango*5, Fukurokumaru[Retaining Fortune] Fragment*3

2/10: Orizuru*3, Cultivation Rune*2000, Fukurokumaru[Retaining Fortune] Fragment*3

2/11: Coins*20000, BBQ*5, Fukurokumaru[Retaining Fortune] Fragment*4

2/12: Orizuru*4, Stamina Potion (Small)*1, Fukurokumaru[Retaining Fortune] Fragment*5

2/13: Level 3 Magatama Pack*1, Cultivation Rune*2000, Fukurokumaru[Retaining Fortune] Fragment*6

2/14: Orizuru*5, Cave Keys*2, Fukurokumaru[Retaining Fortune] Fragment*7


a) Click PLAY, a hammer should be visible in this interface.

b) Move your hammer and pick a cylinder you wish to target!

c) After the mini-game starts, the needle will start moving from left to right.

d) When the needle is in the “Perfect” area, be fast to click and “Perfect”! One of the cylinders will be sent flying! The more cylinders you clear, the quicker needle will move and the “Perfect” area will start to shrink.

e) You can claim a reward for each cylinder that you clear!

f) It’s Game Over if Naruto’s head falls before you have cleared all cylinders.

g) Every player has 3 daily attempts, players can consume 10, 15, 20 Ingots to have another 3 attempts to do this event.


a) Use Coupons or Ingots to spin the wheel.

b) Click START and wait to see what reward you will get. Every time you spin the wheel, different Coupons/Ingots quantities will be asked in order to continue spinning it. Generally speaking, the more Coupons/Ingots you use, the higher your chances of getting a better reward. If you use 1.000 Coupons/Ingots to spin it, it is almost impossible that you will get a Level 2 Rainbow Magatama.

For example: the 1st time you spin the wheel, you might be asked 100 Coupons/Ingots to spin it; the 2nd time you spin the wheel, you will be asked to use 300 Coupons/Ingots in order to continue spinning it.

The rewards for using 100 Coupons/Ingots are usually inferior to the rewards of using 300 Coupons/Ingots to spin the wheel a 2nd time.

The more times you spin the wheel, the better the rewards can be; at the same time, the more times you spin the wheel, the more the Coupons/Ingots you will have to use in order to continue spinning it.

c) 1 spin will get you 1 reward. You cannot get the same reward a 2nd time in the same day.

d) The spins and Coupons/Ingots required to spin the wheel will be reset every day; however, the rewards are the same for all days of this event.

Players can spin the wheel up to 8 times a day.

5. "Daily Purchase Limit" added. Daily discounts at overwhelming prices! Go and give it a shot!

Period: February 8th – February 14th


(1) Find the event in Hot Topics. Each Gift Pack can be bought once daily. Players can only use Ingots to buy the packs.

(2) 88 Pack: Seal Scroll *1; Mount Myoboku’s Gift*7; Coins* 30000

188 Pack: Seal Scroll *1; Cave Key *10; Medium Refine Rune *5

888 Pack: Special Seals Pack*1; Charm Materials Pack*1; Advanced Refine Rune*5

Special Seals Pack: Fixed drop – Seal Scroll*5; Random drop – Kirin*1; Lee [The Eight Inner Gates] fragment *5; Shikaku Nara’s fragment *5; Ino [Great Ninja War] fragment*5; Neji [Great Ninja War] fragment *5; Tenten [Cheongsam] fragment*5; Kakashi [Beheading Sword]’s fragments *5.

6. "Recruitment Feedback" added. Draw from specific Treasures to get more rewards in this event! Make the best use out of your Seal Scrolls!

Period: February 8th – February 14th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 50 in order to participate.


Draw Five Kage Treasure, Jinchuriki Treasure I, Great Ninja War Treasure to claim rewards! (“Free Draw” is not accountable)

7. "Battle Armor Panic Buy" added. Time to upgrade your Battle Armor! Materials at big discounts! Ingots you use upgrading your Battle Armor will be counted during the event so that you c*so claim Gift Packs!

Period: February 12th – February 14th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 43 in order to participate.

How To:

a) During the event, players can buy Battle Armor materials at huge discounts.

b) Receive extra Gift Packs by using Ingots in this event. Remark: Ingots used in other events will not be counted. If you buy the threads directly in shop, the ingots spent will also not be counted.

c) Only Ingots can be used in this event.

8. "Battle Armor Rebates" added. Go and upgrade your Battle Armor to get extra rebates and achievement packs!

Period: February 12th – February 14th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 43 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Find this event in Hot Topics; get rewards by upgrading your armor to the required level during the event.

b) Achievement Gifts can be claimed after you reach the required rank of your armor. Each player can only get this achievement gift once in his playtime.

9. "Coming Across" New event added. Create a Destiny Knot with your unique partner. Finish the Team Instance to get Destiny Point and obtain rewards for you.

Period: February 8th – February 14th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How to:

a) During the event, claim a [Fate Pack] by creating a Destiny Knot with your partner. Team with one player, the Team Leader could choose the partner in the event interface. Once player has put a Knot on your partner, this step cannot undo.

b) During the event, claim Destiny Knot Box while getting required Destiny Points. Only with your partner complete a Team Instance, both of you will get 1 Destiny Point, a maximum of 5 Destiny Points can be obtained every day. Single Team Instance or with other players to complete Team Instance will not get Destiny Points.

c) Orizuru can be obtained from Destiny Knot Box (and Myoboku Trial Login Rewards). Redeem rewards in this event by using your Orizuru.

10. New packs are available in the "Time-Limited" Shop interface! Have a look at the new packs, don't miss this chance!


Common Thread Pack, Medium Thread Pack, Advanced Thread Pack, Common Cloth Pack and Medium Cloth Pack will be available in the Purchase Limit shop from February 12th – February 14th

11. Last, but not least, "Dew Drop", "Fortune Coins", "Orizuru" and "Sage's Key" obtained for this week's events need to be spent this week, once the events end, the "Dew Drop", "Fortune Coins", "Orizuru" and "Sage's Key" you didn't use will be reset to 0. Remember to use them in time!

Remark: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events are set according to the players' local time (computer's time), not the server time. Daily Missions and Daily Recharge event (event in which you can get a 4-Stars Gaara if recharging for 5 days) are all refreshed at 5:00 (server time). Don't miss out!

All information present in the game is the final and correct information.

Naruto Online Operation Team

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1st !!! "Wind main for life"

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konon sb

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omg finally gaara

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Konan Skillbreak?

Oasis, you going to make me skillbreak her using Group Points aren't you? x.x

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We already knew it 5 minutes ago before it was posted here :D ..

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good recruitment feedback with GNW treasure rebate nice nice

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lol so much fuss about being 'first'.

Time to spend all the stocked up coupons XD

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Cheep! Gaara!

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Gaara break finally!

the rest are meh...Myoboku trial is there too so, yey?

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So no free for Gaara skill book?

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what is orizuru?

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Still no Edo Tensei Hiruzen Dx

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No new shops, no new ninjas, only Gaara and Konan after months and months of waiting

Meanwhile China gets new stuff all the time.

Oasis you really want the game to die eh?

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goobye cpns from myoboku... oh nvm, got distracted by fabulous login ninja cat

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  • vr00z On 2018-02-07 23:09:38
  • So no free for Gaara skill book?

i hope they add them for coupons, like hashirama's, in konoha gift shop.

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