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[ Events ] Mood Scroll or Charm?


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Hi guys, I'm just wondering which power item I should choose to get the highest benefit in the long run in the colorful balloon event. The reason behind this is because I heard some rumors about Mood System will be completely overhaul around 5.0 a.k.a delete Mood Scroll, max mood 15% instead of 65% and has many pages just like how we have many pages for team. But I'm not sure if Oasis Global will do the same thing here because they always claim that their version is different than the rest, but if they ever gonna do it are they willing to give outcompensation rewards to players who invest their coupon/ingot for mood? Can someone from the mod team provide us with some information here?

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Don't worry, mood scrolls are a good way for oasis to milk us so they won't remove them.

Btw, taking in account the fact 1 mood scroll costs 15 coupons and 1 charm pack 125 you got your reply since in colorful balloons mood scrolls do not cost 1/8 of charm packs.

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