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[ PVP ] Habanero Kushina


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Is it just me that Habanero Kushina is really squishy in arena?

Her immunity and self healing are great, but I legit 1 shot her in 1 round.

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Everyone is squishy in arena unless they have some sort of defensive perks. Also, whatever squishiness she has gets compensated by her insane skill set that just disrupts so many meta teams.

Edit: And you are not one-shot'ing anyone in arena, unless you meant you killer her off in round 1 through combos and such. Anyone can die in round 1, even Roshi does if the enemy is heavily buffed. She's more on the damage-dealing side, and people only put her in the front lines to make full use of her passive mystery cooldown as she gets hit.

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Even kimimaro gets oneshotted with no shields.

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