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Hokage Minato or Hokage Tsunade ?


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Hello. I'll get one of these kages. Should I get Tsunade or Minato ? Which one is more "meta" ?

Thank you.
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where do u get it btw?

if u want to have great pvp ninja in swb, arena, db, hokage minato is ur choice

if u want to have great ninja for gnw, ranked battle or db, u can choose hokage tsunade. Or if u have 6tails naruto chakra, u should take tsunade.

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hokage minato.

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i dont have tsunade but hokage minato is able to decimate teams in ranked and gnw

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Both are good, both serve different purposes. Minato is more favoured by current meta, but kage tsunade is and will be top healer for a long time. It's just current meta isnt all that heal friendly

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Hokage tsunade is very powerful, she is able to heal 12 units the majority of the time(sometimes she'll only heal 4) but when she does that's about 24k worth of damage healed(2k if your around 60k BP). With a water main buff and an additional attack she can heal about 55k in one turn. Sadly hokage tusnade is extremely squishy and every time I bring her into GNW she is instantly prioritized. Hokage tusnade is not that great in a 1v1 match but she is amazing in Ranked battle and GNW(if you can keep her alive).

Hokage Minato is like a god right now, he is a really good ninja now and is still very relevant in the future, I recommend getting him over Tsunade since they are both absurdly hard to obtain.

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Konoha no Kiiroi Senko :D

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I would get masked man he hurts jins and his ultimate stops buffs

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  • D2@1 On 2018-01-31 19:17:31
  • I would get masked man he hurts jins and his ultimate stops buffs

Yee, but Minato stops breathing.

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  • Nielsen17 On 2018-01-31 04:40:07
  • i dont have tsunade but hokage minato is able to decimate teams in ranked and gnw

and in any other pvp aspect of the game if used correctly.

anyways, to reply to you, even if i don't understand how can you get them right now, the reply is minato.

hokage minato gets boosted every new version of the game because in china they love him and in china is ultrawhale only.

hokage tsunade will become close to be useless in 1vs1 as soon as we get tsunade sannin war breaktroughs since she is better than her after she gets her full breaks.

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