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[ Bugs ] Plunder plunders me as well.


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Good Day,

Just wanted to ask how is this possible.. i plundered someone who retreated the battle then i have a message showing i lost the battle. then upon checking on their group logs, the log says that i was successful on plundering the guy who retreat. i didn't get any reward / coupons for the plunder attempt and it consumed my License4421pldr

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any response to this error? or just ignore?

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Unfortunately, these two screenshots don't show much-needed detail.

Since you could re-plunder with a license and obtain the rewards by beating another opponent, and as stated from your two screenshots, you've faced two different opponents.

If you feel this was a bug, If it happens again, before refreshing. Record a logfile. How to find logfile: After encountering bug, please do not refresh or relogin, you can do so using the following method: type“hylogfile”anywhere while playing the game (without “” and without typing it in the chat box),and then save the file which pops out when you enter it.

Report it to the Customer Service through the client, Top right "?" *on.

Include the file and screenshots and they'll investigate the issue.

Thank you.

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