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Do Free Draws Effect Rare Rates?


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Hi there! As far as I know and from what i've experienced .. Free Draws are also counted for the pulls of Rares and Super Rares of each treasures .. I was using every single Seal Scroll everytime i got piece of it in Jinchuriki 1 Treasure and got my Roshi from Free Draw .. After that, I started taking notes in a notepad and keep track of my pulls in the Land of the Lightning Treasure when i started there, I used total of 171 Seal Scrolls and 45 Free Draws and got my 3rd Ay Raikage this last Thursday ..

I also keeping notes everytime i used Free Draws in my GNW Treasure, and i never used a Seal Scroll in there but as of now, 23 Free Draws, i got Fuguki, Inoichi, Toroi and some other GNW ninjas .. :D

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