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[ Events ] Nervous about new mining mechanic


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I had just gotten comfy as someone who was a sort-of-strong semi-F2P (I spent a little just to keep up with the big dogs, and luck has graced me with some special ninjas during event spins) and now I'm afraid I'm going to slide back into obscurity and lameness

4.0 has made coupon acquisition easier than ever, to me, and whereas saving 1K in coupons would have seemed impossible awhile back, now I can reach it in like, 2 months at the most with convoy, daily benefits, weekend puzzles, and group summons...

BTW why am I so good at saving fake money but not real money? My priorities are so messed up . I ain't spending my life savings on this game like some people seem to be, don't worry, fam.

Aah, maybe I'm worrying too much. Maybe it'll be fine!




It won't be fine.

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It will be fine.

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There is no Semi-F2P

You either are or you're not.

If you spent real life money on the game you are not a f2p.

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he meant low casher.

anyways mostly depends on what you prefer. ninjas or power?

if is the latter then you should tell us your global situation so that we can give you tips (aka tactics level, myoboku cultivation page, summon cultivation level, average charms level, average magatamas levels and so on).

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Use that for Mt. Myoboku until you reach map 10.

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Anyway, I am also a low casher like you, I only spend for that monthly gift card. I really dont like getting the jonin medal because it gives extra xp which I dont like because I am level freezing. I can get as much as 5K coupons a month being a low casher, and right now I am spending it on either Mt. Myoboku or cave keys.

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