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[ Lineup ] Kushina Red Hot Blooded Habanero Lineup's


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Hello ladies and gentlemen, today gonna bring you some hot lineups for our beloved Redhead mighty babe !!! Kushinaaa the Habaneroooo!

Earth Main

2018-01-25 19_41_21-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto2018-01-25 19_41_55-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Husband and wife together makes a beautiful strong team.. Kushina is the bae in the front tanky with earth mains passive to support her, as her passive gives cd on her mystery this beautiful lady can do magics in the team. Shisui with his barrier and chaos 2 rounds and Minato dmg dealing with tags and interrupts this team is made nicely and ready to attack you anytime !!!

Lightning Main

2018-01-25 19_27_09-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto2018-01-25 19_27_21-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Offensive, Utility team ready to confront anyone !! Kurama the MVP with anbu from Lightning main and bee for support plus the double attack can do magics!! This team basicaly goes down hard, whoever you focus its gonna be hard to kill except lightning main which is the only one there ! Kushina is sitting in the front waiting to get hit by enemy team, but she wont go down easily, she is a solid good front ninja ! Her passives are very very good, and her mystery is giving some * problems such as removing the immunity from any immune ninja such as Roshi !!

Fire Main

2018-01-25 19_34_58-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

2018-01-25 19_35_45-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Kushina - Minato Jonin edition, ready to go offensive !! This team with fire main can be so so annoying as you running mirror and shield mystery for survive longer ! Kushina in the front taking the dmg and heal back ! Shisui will support quite good enough with his chaos and his barrier on ! Fire main will give some dmg and support and Jonin will go almost every round to pwn you with his mystery ! really fun team to play with !

Water Main

2018-01-25 19_28_48-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

2018-01-25 19_28_56-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Welcome the Ladie's invasion team !!! healing tips on water main and gg team, sailor sakura water main and Kushina together full healing on, and POISON From everywhere!! too much dmg to endure from poison and Itachi for sweeping and chaosing plus the ignition ! This team is super debuff team with immobile full poison and ignition and heal , heal , heal , heal !!! enjoy it !!

Wind Main

2018-01-25 19_37_39-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto2018-01-25 19_37_47-Naruto Aufstellungs-Simulator _ naruto

Sage Naruto back with his mommy to support him !!! Strong Team , dont underestimate Senjutsu !!! This team can be dangerous as Kushina will guard the fronts and she will CC. Sage naruto with his solid dmg will be annoying under buffs and barrier from Shisui. Shisui will do his chaos and apply his ignition. Wind main will support you with clones and refresh mystery ! good luck !

Thank you all, hope you get Kushina, she is really one of the best ninjas we have out there !!! beautiful mighty redhead ready to kill yaaa !!!

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  • Garv On 2018-01-26 04:56:23
  • I have a lineup in mind for her with azure fang and with breeze dancer but i won't share them because i don't want to make my enemies stronger (since i didn't get her :-( )

Hey, everyone hide's the secret key formations for himself, i respect that as i am doing the same. Some formations kept always for yourself and your fights !!! peace out ! :)

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  • Marko15 On 2018-01-26 03:12:20
  • I really like ur lineups dawg keep up with great work .And yes this teams aint easy to get but not imposible.And only thing i dont like is itachi behind kushina .Itachi is tougher so he can go up to protect sakura who isnt tough as itachi. Aniway other lineups are really great

Hello, thanks for the support, if you notice Itachi is not a tank to be honest, he is dying quite easily in front, Sakura can endure some dmg with her passive thats why i have her exposed !! but cheers and thnx !

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  • Felixou On 2018-01-26 14:05:37
  • I like your proposal for fire main unfortunately, I don't have this great Shisui.

    What alternative would you suggest for Shisui ?

hello, you can replace Shisui with killer bee for supporting and double attack on JM, or maybe you can try Obito if you have him. Other alternative can be Hanzo(didnt try with him) but i guess can work !

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  • Raizel Di Cadiz On 2018-01-27 05:40:28
  • yo . man can't you made a team for F2P player :')

Hello, if you dont have Shisui, you c*ways replace him for Onoki, or some support in there ! Send me a picture with your ninjas to tell you how can you fit Kushina in there. Thnx !

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