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[ Bugs ] Ranked Battle


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I have noticed some bugs in ranked battle or maybe it could be considered AI bugs. For example Mangetsu's evasion passive is only suppose to be effective on mist ninjas but when my Jinpachi attacked that unit the whole unit dodged the attack including Roshi. Roshi is a cloud ninja so the passive should not have worked on him. I know he would be immune to Jinpachi's attack but he still should have lost at least one hp and he didn't. Also edo tensei Sasori's mystery is only suppose to effect up to 9 ninja but it effected all units on the battle field. That's kind of crazy cause that adds up to more then 32 attacks in one round. Actually more because of Bee and mangetsu giving out extra attacks. I have also noticed a set up with Tendo Pain, Rasa, and Gaara and in one round the AI launches all three of their mysteries which should be impossible since their moves consumes 80 chakra points a piece but some how the AI manages to pull it off. The last thing I noticed was that all AI units attacking just one unit in sync. Now I know this can happen with tag but there is no tag present. So how does the AI come up with the strategy to have all three units attack just one unit at a time without tag being present to tell it to do that. Am I wrong in saying that some of these things are not suppose to happen?

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For the bugs involving Mangetsu and Sasori, I'll require screenshots. Just rematch and screenshot during the invasion (Roshi) and screenshot when Sasori's passive becomes involved as it activates up displaying which ninjas get the buff/shield.

As for the AI question, It's normally a -HP base, interrupt skills will target active mysteries, etc.

It's quite a simple AI.

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