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Question about GNW treasure


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So I watched a video of Memo dude pulling GNW treasure in CHINA server and he got Samui & Omoi as 10 common pulls. I then process to watched people pulling GNW treasure in OUR server and realized there are no Samui or Omoi inside.

What I want to ask is will they get add later into the GNW treasure? Is this was the same in CN when GNW treasure 1st came out? Or it's just the different between 2 versions. I want to ask so I can plan to use my seal srolls without regret later lol. This is not a complaining thread, just asking.
link for videos :
Memo's video on CN server :
Btrue's video on our server :

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We have no confirmation on whether or not they will get Samui and Omoi in gnw treasures but I would guess not. Unlike China, they are recruited at three star in our regions instead of two. I would be surprised to see any changes made to gnw treasure in our version. in other versions the edo tensei treasure ended up becoming split into two treasures but they remained intact and as far as I know, our version has never made such large changes after the release of a treasure. Could totally be wrong but hope I was helpful.

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How much draw is needed to do to get naruto kurama mod

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1050-1150 is a point where most of the videos get super rare. You either draw madara or naruto, so if u draw one, you are guaranteed next one in another 1050-1150 scrolls~

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  • darkman99 On 2018-02-01 00:24:54
  • How much draw is needed to do to get naruto kurama mod

1050-1150 but its 50/50 to either got kurama naruto or madara

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