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[ Other ] abuse of alts in swb.


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Yesterday i was doing my usual job in swb and i was around 2nd place in my side close to first place. At that point i began to be attacked by very weak people, no hopes to not even last 3 rounds against me, that crashed after the end of round 1, letting me lose over two additional minutes per fight this way. This thing happend 4 times in a row. I begin to think this is deliberate since began to happen last week the sage after i cut the streaks of two of the usual 1st place winners in my sage.

This thing is unacceptable.

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Is it the same weak ppl that attack/distract you? If so, you might have a case (providing video happening more than once would help as well in my opinion) since ever since 4.0, it's impossible to hide your identity in sage and I see more people trying to break streaks with the correct target.

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something similar happened to me too last sage.

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I am mildly curious as to whether this is actually against the rules.

Thus far, the rule on alts have only been "not helping main".

And if it's non-alts, I'm sure you are allowed to be as deliberately annoying as you can.

I guess in a round-about way this can be used to help main via helping main secure victory by suppressing competition. But that's rather round about and hard to prove.

I mean I don't agree with the practice and would like to see it being banned. But, is there even a basis for any admin action even if you could prove your case? It could potentially come down to subjective interpretation of rules, I wish rules could be more strict than subjective.

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Honestly, they should put back the system in SWB that if you dc, you will lose. This way even if you can't end their streaks, your wins will rack up a lot faster than the other ppl.

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i'm of the idea that they should be strictier also with the time to be considered DCed. In SWB, imho, if you lag for more than 30 seconds you should be kicked out. SWB lasts 24-25 minutes. 5 minutes of waiting time out of 1 single person that lags a lot an have a potato connection isn't much nice.

Another option is that if you beat somebody that lags so much then you don't get 1 win only but a direct 5-6 wins, so your enemies don't abuse alts in that way anymore and if they help themselves then they are against the rules for sure.

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are you level delaying to get easier sage worlds? if so you are just as bad as they are

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  • Akidonoki On 2018-01-23 01:04:34
  • are you level delaying to get easier sage worlds? if so you are just as bad as they are

What do you mean by delaying?

Are you talking about level freezing?

Because no, i am not level freezing at all, i just avoided to go on with the plot instances for level 95+, but i do all the common daily activities that grant exp, wb included, and the only reason i avoid doing them is because if i become level 97 or 98 before the usual swarm of level 80-85 level up i would not be anymore able to plunder them and in my server that one is an issue way more big than swb placement.

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It's not against the rules using Alts, thus it's not against the rule to use alts in specific ways during PvP event.

It's not towards self-gain but for their own account description.

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do in this case.

Hope you understand.

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