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Im now at 78k power,and i wonder, i go for clothes in events,or save coupons for upcoming ninjas?Already have Anbu clothes,but not have any of event ninjas.

And if i save for ninja,how much will angel Konan cost when she come out?

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Estimation:16k~20k for angel konan

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are you f2p? if you are f2p then go for power.

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Im f2p,and im top 10 in merged server for power,but i constantly lose to ppl with lower power and event ninjas.

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Power without any meta team (or at least good team) is meaningless. You shouldn't neglect either power or ninjas. As far as power alone goes, you'll never be able to compete with top, top players, so at this point you should just have a target competition and play competitively among them. As for what to invest in- whatever will make you enjoy game more in a long run.

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If you think you can do ok without getting more power for now, save for god angel konan. If you change your mind when she comes out, you c*ways go back to getting more power.

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