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Foreword: I don't like doing this, but your locking of thread and the forum lacking a PM option gives little other choice (can someone PLEASE work on a PM function?)

First, a bit of clarification is required. At first you mention Customer Support, then further down the line you talk about forum section. So, the question is, regarding reasonable inquiry on merger, just exactly what are the options? Is it Customer Support only (goto 1)? Or can it also be on the bug/support section of the forum(goto 2)?

1. While I consider a personal issue to be appropriate for customer support contact, I do not believe it is the suitable channel for any issue that likely impact more than one person. For one, this might lead to repetition, as each affected player might generate their own ticket. For another, if handled by different person or perhaps mislead by the varying description/report players give, which often aren't very precise as they are hardly trained in the matter, the same issue might generate different response. This will cause a great deal of confusion for the players when the responses don't add up. As it were, the issue we are discussing is server merge, which by its very nature involves more than one player. So I do believe a public channel like the forum is more appropriate.

Furthermore, I'm sure you are aware of the bad rep CS have. Now, I do believe this is a result of self-selection reporting, specifically any case that went smoothly will never reach the public eye whereas ones go awry tend to get publicized, I do not believe CS to be as bad as some would make them out to be. However, this does cause drops in player confidence. Lacking third party visibility, we can hardly know if the issue is being handled seriously or if it was dismissive and ignored. Therefore, except exclusively private incidents, matters should be resolved publicly on the forum.

Therefore, I believe as far as reasonable inquires toward merger goes, CS should not be the exclusive channel, forum should be a reasonable channel to. I do agree, however, that it should be in bug&support and not general (thou i would like to point out that the thread got derailed at some point, the original topic was suitable but it soon turned into a discussion pertaining primarily to merger). If you agree that forum is an acceptable channel, proceed below. Otherwise, please provide your counterpoint.

2. This was the thread I was talking about. It WAS in the support section of the forum. And it suffered exactly what I talked about in my post, that is to say the mod told the player to reply in the merger thread instead, which the player did, and then that post got deleted. So as it were, there seems to be a mismatch of information, because I didn't specify exactly what I was talking about. But I generally prefer to not point fingers at specific threads or mod that acted upon it thereof. Partly because of finger pointing is bad form and partly before this is unlikely to be an isolated incident and I would rather not dismiss others by elevating just one specific thread.

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Hi! Normally, any request for merger should be done on the appropriate thread created for merger. If a player has any inquiries about merger request themselves, it should be directed to Customer Service. As you said so yourself, Customer Service is designed for a more one on one basis in order to answer questions players may have that is not suitable for forums. Bug/Support section is more designed for bug or support related inquiries which players would sometimes direct to the General Section, which I gave as an example of posting in the wrong section of the thread where the appropriate team would not be able to monitor and help. Therefore, if you have any inquiries regarding server merge, please contact Customer Service for them to be able to assist you. If it is a server merge request, please post here with the appropriate detail.


Extra Note: Regarding private message function, this feature is already suggested and in the works, we are looking to improve the forum and its functions. Believe me when I say that I also really want that to come as soon as possible =p

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