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[ PVP ] X-GNW qualifying


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  • DigitalRelease On 2018-01-10 04:45:00
  • Balance your group in to 2 teams best you can, make 2 separate guilds & just do an in house GNW.

    My server had 3 competing guilds for GNW until we merged, why limit your guild to 3 legendary boxes a week when you can have 5 & a little fun on top of that?

On the other hand, splitting group would mean less group fund per group, which means lower group level and therefore lower group skill which will put you at a relative disadvantage in sage and maybe masuri.

There might also be minor income decrease from fox, summon, and ninja exam, as your stat lowers you do less damage to the former and might have a harder time completing the latter. But that's more marginal. There shouldn't be any significant impact as far as other PvE stuff goes.

That said, the split is likely worthwhile since at the moment not everyone gets a pack. So no pack to some pack is a huge boost. On the other hand, if everyone already have a pack, then splitting would only see marginal benefit, relatively speaking.

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The problem with inquires into merger is like this:

If you post anywhere else, you are told to post on the merger thread, question goes unanswered.

If you post on the request thread, as it is not a request, it gets deleted.

End result: inquires are NEVER answered.

Now, to be certain, arbitrary inquiry of "when will my server merge", "why is my server not merged, what criteria do we not meet" etc SHOULDN'T be answered. Because it's unrealistic to answer all such questions.

However, specific question as a result of planned/on going merge, such as the one raised regarding why a merger skipped over a server in the middle is, imo, reasonable and should be answered. But there is actually no way to get an answer because every mod is just tossing the ball to another. I'm not sure if this is intentional or a simple case of mods not communicating to each other and therefore are uncertain with what the proper channel of communication on this subject matter is.

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