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[ Help ] Is this forum really still in prototype mode?


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It's been an awful long time since the old forum broke down, and I haven't seen a lot of changes on this one. No signatures. No PMs or anything like that.

Did something happen?

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No sorting, no advance search.

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  • Jagger32 On 2018-01-06 04:46:55
  • No sorting, no advance search.

Yeah, that too. Anything else I'm forgetting?

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They abandoned the old forums and made this the new forums probably since it was to much of a hassle to get the old forums back

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Hi! I know it has been taking a while and I too would like the new features to implemented as soon as possible. I love signatures =p. They have taken player and the team's suggestions on what features should be implemented and it is still in the works. It may have been delayed due to other update and fixing issues. Sorry about that.


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