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[ PVP ] Arena transparency


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So is there a reason why you can't see the rank the other guy has in arena? How do you know you aren't being matched with someone in sennin rank or super kage while you are in anbu etc. Also I know at one point you could see the rank of the other guy and there was another problem around 40-47 point mark you would keep getting matched with player that have already achieve sennin, Why would they play ranked arena when they can't get anymore rewards? or better yet why are they even permitted to play ranked arena after reaching sennin for the month I mean they don't even have to gain anything by preventing others from reaching sennin because everyone get rewards not just the top and besides there is Training arena for that if they want to show off their ninja or want pvp or whatever. There is also the issue of some chat channels not working in matsuri and sage world (maybe they fixed it I don't know will have to check again). These are just some of the problems that come to mind I won't even go into how rigged matsuri is because it's old news.

I know the game is improving but pvp wise the game is as toxic and stale as it was during 2.0, would even go so far as to say it's worse then that.

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  • Digital Release On 2018-01-02 03:17:55
  • Seeing rank is just a crutch, it shouldn't matter what the opponents rank is at all.
    All it does realistically is give you yet another reason as to why you believe you lost, it's meaningless to see their rank- fight the match, win or lose just continue.

    To be able to enter a rank you should be able to defeat those that have already entered said rank, that's how actual ranking systems usually work- so yes, you should be able & forced to fight those that have reached the ranks above you & they should also be able to continue playing ranked if they desire because at the end of the day there isn't much else to do on Naruto once you've finished your dailys except plop around in the Arena.

Well I am sorry to say that's a flawed system. One should only be able to reach the next rank by fighting one with the same rank that's how ranking systems work. What you are describing is a tournament system where only the top 100 or 1000 players get rewards and constantly try to out rank the guys above them on the ladder but this game doesn't have a proper ladder once you reach sennin you can't de-rank during that season. One more thing rank matters a lot in arena for example all those spenders with triple super rare teams and 60k+ ingot teams reach sennin around day 15-20th of each month if they were excluded from matchmaking after they reach sennin and make it so they only get matched with other sennin in Ranked arena then almost everyone will have a fair chance of reaching sennin as all players will be matched with their respective rank, Plus it's common sense that if you get matched with 2-3 rank higher player then we should already assume that they were already winning and were on a streak.

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  • Loaf On 2018-01-02 06:17:28
  • In regards to seeing rank, I can't even count how many times people have been toxic about it.

    "You are Sage of Six Paths give me win you don't need it"

    "F U 6 paths you are just trolling people trying to get rewards"

    "Hahaha I am much lower rank and won so easily"

    Etc. Like the guy above said, it's unnecessary. The only thing possibly relevant would be indicating which player has higher initiative so you don't * your mysteries mistakenly.

''You are Sage of Six Paths give me win you don't need it'' true statement senin don't need wins they can try training arena if they want pvp or bonds arena or as I said should only be matched with other sennin. It's not that hard to do.

They shouldn't have imposed the ''reach sennin once'' to actually receive rewards. Most of us don't even want sennin rewards we would just be happy to get those kage/superkage rewards each month but no they had to come up with an absurd rule, and honestly I am surprised no one is talking about this anymore either all those people have quit the game or just gave up on ranked arena.

I mean I shouldn't compare this to other games (I know this will give them an excuse to close this thread) but in hearthstone once you reach legend rank you only get matched with other legend rank players and the rest of the ladder becomes more balanced for the rest of the ''less skilled'' players.After Reaching legend you don't get any higher reward other then bragging rights for how high up on the legend ranks you are.

PS: I consider hearthstone to be one of the worst money grabbing ccg out there but even they have a better ranked system then this.

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