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[ Bugs ] False Advertising once again or a bug?


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once again, we have either a Problem with description or a bug in a skill.
The mystery skill of Ameyuri Ringo states that it hits "a selected character and ALL other characters under paralysis effect." i tested it out, and appearently,
all characters means a maximum of two. Is this a Bug, or is it the wrong description?
Because we had the same Problem with the Snake Version of Kabuto when he came out, he only revives one person, when his skill stated that he revives a team.
Is there any Reason that new Characters are made to sound stronger than they are and then get changed when People bought them?
I know none of the people reading this are responsible for this,
but if you have any connection to the translation Team, please tell them to get this fixed, its really annoying to finally get a new character you saved up for only to find out that it was falsely advertised and is nowhere near as useful as promised.

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It's a description error.

Should be fixed relatively soon!

Thanks for reporting it.

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