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[ Lineup ] Any teams for Deidara[Edo Tensei]?


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This is my current lineup, but I have some problem with it. I want to make a good team. (My summons are not too important I can buy every summon expect Kirin, King of Hell)


Here is my ninjas:





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Formation Screenshot (2)

You could use this team, Water main's passive allows you to gain 60 chakra if they kill both of your clay spiders in 1 round, allowing you to use deidara's mystery in the 2nd round. You c*n also user Water Clone to be able to gain 30 more chakra and protect kurenai a little bit but you c*n also use Poison Tai. Kurenai has 2 very useful passives being Genjutsu - Mirror Return deflecting 1 debuff per round back at your opponents and her Chakra Inhale Jutsu allowing you to gain 50% of the chakra your opponent used on a mystery, and her mystery c*n also be useful. Gaara is mostly there so he can tank damage and destroy your opponents barrier (if they have one) by using your mystery. He also has a decent amount of damage output. Anyway, I hope this helped :)

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Seeing all kind of low level playes being extremely lucky with lucky board and lucky *, when players like me that play for 1 year and spend 5k coupons that i've been saving for months and get nothing , is the saddest thing their is

Just aim to recruit Sakura and Jikukodo and you have a meta lineup for years

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Thanks for the help:)

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Edo Sasori teams well with Edo Deidara since Edo Sasori can give a extra attack to Edo ninjas. Since you dont have him Earth main is good with Edo Deidara since that main can give a extra attack. Also, Edo Deidara is good in GNW and Ranked Battles :) Have fun with him :D

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