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my team right now is that with sage naruto 1st position. sometimes i meet people who immobile sage and so next turn i will have to use roshi which is 2nd position.

was thinking to either put roshi first and change the lineup or use kurenai instead of killer bee, today i breakthrough her mystery the first time and she has her chase breaktrough aswell.

should i put kurenai instead of bee for less dmg because of buff but more survivability and would have chaos?

maybe you could tell me what position to make them for optimal use? and main should use his mystery x2 attacks or the last one for more shields and chakra?

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any tips please?

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was gonna try this team and with those talents what do you think, this team is better? or an other main would be better?

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or maybe use the first team with lightning main and have him use 3-4-2-1-3

what do you think?

and please give me some tips.

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man, so long since i use earth main *nostalgia hits* anyway you need to know that earth main can have 3 playstyle:

Playstyle 1 - defense (barrier, immobolize, lots of shield, ignition hit and chase)

Emain - Sage Naruto - x

Hashirama - x - Roshi

x - x - x

skill 23241

Playstyle 2 - offense (barrier, immobolize, dual normal atk mystery, ignition hit and chase)

same team as above, skill 34224

and Playstyle 3 - chakra battery (use 4th mystery paired with ninja that cause aoe damage and needs high chakra)

example - Tendo Pain, Hanzo ...

note : your formation atm is decent, anyway good luck fellow shinobi

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All you need is Hanzo to replace your sage naruto,

Roshi, Kurenai, Hanzo, Earth Main. Hard to control team, great poison, cleanse and support.

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