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[ Suggestions ] Make ANBU Midnight blade swords great again


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Theres a visual bug with the Midnight blades sword, out of combat he is equipped with a straight bladed ninja sword, a Ninjato on his back, however in combat he is equipped with the sword from his normal skin, please fix

as you can see here, on the left hes clearly equipped with a Ninjato, however in combat he performs his slash with the 'bump' sword, not only does it go back to the atrocity of a the 'bump sword' it also changes sheathe positioning...

Midnight blade sword

Remove this atrocity from the skin, Make the Midnight blade Great again

Offensive to my eyes

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Wittle Stiick of Nighty-chan has some kind of identity crisis. Or no...wait...

I know! It's some space-time jutsu to switch blades during fight. Yes. This for sure.

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Ooh, good eye.

This seems like a little nitpick but I don't mind nitpicks. I'm up for this if they're willing to do it.

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Hmmm i do like the "Bump" sword...tho i will call it what it looks like raikiri sword or thunder sword(?)

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