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[ Lineup ] [New] Cancer Ranked Arena Lineup with Shisui


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As the title says this is the newest cancer in arena with Shisui involved, but beside Shisui u just need Iruka and Kurenai (fully Breakthru).
This Lineup can beat almost any lineup even with low initiative (including same lineup, but u need better Initiative).
I dont have the proof of winning bcz i didnt take a screenshoot of it.
This lineup helps me climb to Six Path with ease.

Lineup i've fought before (won with HP more than 70%-90%) :
Fire-Itachi Susanoo-Masked Man-Hokage Tsunade
Roshi-Bee-DP Hidan-Lightning
Lightning Blitz Team
Ay Blitz Team

i dont have dog of hell yet , but this is work also. Blade of Wind Combo gave me more clone, which means more protection.
u can more around the lineup with same ninja, and use Flower Guard for more survivability, and Wind Dance for more damage.
Also work with Fire Main too, with the same ninja.



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  • Liz321 On 2017-12-27 08:23:15
  • Ay blitz team would nuke that rounde 2

not really, ive defeat Ay blitz team pretty much often with this, since ive got better overall initiative.

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