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[ Lineup ] Earth Main - what's my best line up?


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Hello. Big newbie here, looking for help.

With my current line-up I survive a lot of dmg, but dealing damage himself I am highly dependend on Gaara's Mystery. I do time Sand Hell with Stone Fist (if my opponent plays interrupts), but maybe I could remove Hinata and take in another dmg dealer (who?)?



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You have 2 supports, 1 tank and 1 barrier ninja, it's normal that you feel that your damage is absent.

Unfortunately you have bought the wrong ninja, since that hinata isn't really viable unless you can proc her 30 combo chase each turn. We don't have her sister yet, who can help her really much.

If i were you, i would go on something like guy, iruka, sasuke/sailor sakura untill you get better ninjas.

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Thanks. I have switched to Main / Sasuke / Iruka / Sakura and have already seen some improvments!

I will be on the look-out for a better dmg-dealer.

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