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[ Lineup ] Disgusting  team with Sailor Sakura.


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  • Rick_Sanchez On 2017-12-23 12:28:52
  • sailor goes well with water main. With healing tip and poison tai, sailor becomes 10X better. There are lot of teams with this combination of water main and sailor sakura. Most of them involve putting two more tanks(fuguki-roshi), one healer-one tank(kurenai-roshi), dodger-one tank(masked man/jonin minato- roshi)

    naruto four tails, kushina, sailor and water main (best option)

    skillbroken neji, hinata gnw, sailor and water main

    sailor, roshi, water main, fuguki

    sailor, skillbroken kurenai, water main, four tails naruto/fuguki/kimimaro.

    mabui,nagato, sailor, water main

talents and pets? ---- mabui,nagato, sailor, water main

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