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[ Lineup ] Any team with shisui for me?


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Now I'm running light blitz with him but I'm searching for bether team NarutoOnline171222082647NarutoOnline171222082653NarutoOnline171222082658NarutoOnline171222082706NarutoOnline171222082702NarutoOnline171222082710NarutoOnline171222082716NarutoOnline171222082918

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No one thought of this? I swear to god if u don’t have kushina she was free


Obvious team at this point and still *ly op

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  • jtrainer22 On 2020-11-04 04:18:51
  • LM, shisui, iruka, asuma wb

nice hidden jutsu team is fire main - izuna - shisui - chunnin shikamaru(skill broken) summon is shiba or dog of hell for longer combo - talents - 4/3/3/1/1.

it has nice burst to cause shikamaru buffs hidden jutsu,fire main buffs hidden jutsu and also if your mystery kills something even a clone its instantly reset and useable again.

Hope this helps enjoy your naruto experience

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LM, shisui, iruka, asuma wb

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proxy (16)

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id probabaly try this as strange as people might think it is

team suggestion honfak

gets 7 combos off jinpachi/shisui standard, gets 8 combos off light/shisui jutsu and 8 from kurenai/light standard

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I curently run this team (except the flood dragon, i got shiba instead of him, i made a test with flood dragon to see how much combos i get, with flood i get 7, with shiba i get 6 not so much difference), its a good team trust me, and if you have skillbook kurenai it would be BEAST ! I've managed to beat a 41k power in SWB, and my power was 31k with shisui and kurenai not fully upgraded (awake, cultivation etc). But yeah, everyone is free to build their own team, ofcorse this is just an ideea of Shisui Team, this team works for me atm, maybe in a couple of days-weeks we will get some new teams for him, new metas and stuff like that, but atm i can't find a better team for him (at least for me its good), maybe Sage Naruto instead of Mabui.


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Im currently using this lineup. Skill broken Kurenai is recomended.

Talent: 13423 Summon: Gamaken


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