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[ Help ] comparing servers .


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well im gona keep this short ..1st of all..i dont mean to suggest or insult or speculate.anything .but i got really curious.when i compered CN number of servers vs the eng edition of the game .cn s243 eng version s845..i play the game my self for the past whole year..i came to realize that only (havent checked it sry) s1-s(100?) are heavely populated .the rest are like my server max 20-30 ppl .....again im not against that new servers are open....its just mind for me to see servers 3month old asking merge while game it self opening server at this rates ...i just want to hear the forums thoughts on the matter

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Uhm China had over 500 servers back in 2015, you can see in old youtube videos, no idea what they have now 3 years later. You probably confusing it with Taiwan version which is different and a very small region.

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You have to take into account how bit the Chinese population is.

Easy for them to get high populated servers even if its a latter server.

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There are a number of reasons why new servers are created but one of the biggest reasons is due to the feedback from players who do want new servers. There is sort of a supply and demand relationship because if there was no need to create new servers,then new servers would not be created. I realize not everyone wants the creation of new servers, but there are many players who do.


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