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[ Bugs ] Group summon/capture buffs are not working


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So few days ago we decide to use coupons from some old accounts and buff summon capture so our main accounts get more coupons on our main account. Plan was good untill we finished our 1st attempt. We had 8 buffs in total but our coin and coupons reward was same as last week. So with buffs we did same amount of dmg,

We tried to contact support ingame but everyone got same replay. In short they wanted us to send our name,server, day and time when bug happened. We already provided everything in our support tickets but it didn't matter.

So im not sure what to do and who to contact for this to be fixed. Not sure if posting here is going to do anything because ingame support doesn't really care if problems are not recharge related.

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This is because no matter what, there's a hard cap at 150k coins and 40 coups per attempt. You could do 10 mill damage and someone else could do 2 mill, but as long as you are both over the cap (I don't actually know where it is, only that I hit it) you would both get the rewards I stated above. If you're all hitting the cap without the buffs, then I hate to tell you that you wasted your coups on the buffs /:

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Well this could be true :) I did notice 150k coins cap but i wasn't sure about coupons cap, Because i know some people said they got 41-45 coupons per attempt. Cant say if this was true or not :)

And we didnt really waste any coupons, we used some low level accounts to get buffs. Still thanks for the answer. At least we know what was the problem . To bad ingame support cant be this helpful :)

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No, is not true. The cap is 40

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That's correct.

There's a cap limit to how much you can earn.

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