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[ Other ] Mini client and CPU usage problems


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Hello up to few days ago i had no problems running World of Warcraft (while raiding) and two or more clients at same time. With 3 games up my total CPU usage was never near 100%, But in last few days im having problems running more t hen one clients at once. High cpu usage happens only while doing TIs or NineTail. 1st it it started with 30-40 CPU usage per client but last night i was doing ninetails playing on one account and that miniclient was using 60% of my CPU,

I dont have any high cpu usage while playing other games. I checked with my friends and they have no problems at all. So if anyone have an idea what could be causing this problem and how to fix it would be great,

My specs

Windows 10


8gig of DDR3

RX 470

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