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[ Help ] [ Help ] NY Servers GL Recruitment - 4th November


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Hello Ninjas! We are currently recruiting active and dedicated players to become Game Liaisons.

We believe in looking for Liaisons that can help us provide a needed involvement within our gaming community. Before applying for the NY GL position, please check the list below; these are the current servers that we need Liaisons for:


Want to join our team? Details about roles and responsibility of a Game Liaisons can be found below:

.:: What is a Game Liaison ? ::.

- A server’s representative who report and update on the server’s health and condition. - Gather opinions from the server community they represent in regards to updates, events, game features, and suggestions.

- Game Liaison is there to support the community and part of their job is the immediate report of any bug, exploits, misbehavior, and issues

- Game Liaison’s do have the right to privacy, but can reveal their own iden*y if they choose to.


Average time spend online every day :

Do you have any experience with this kind of game/work ? :

Reason for applying :

Why should we choose you ? What makes your different from others players ? :

Your Server ID :

Your QQ number :

In-Game Name:

Your UID (Found Here):

Your time zone / Country :

Applications must be complete with all the details required.

If you're interested in becoming a Liaison and your server is listed. Feel free to message me with your application.


Important Note: I will be currently accepting applications via Private Message (here) or you can find me (Jiburiru) on Discord (here)! Interviews will all be done through either Discord or QQ app. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience and looking forward to meeting you!

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Server 1750

Name Meliodas

UID 318242671166232


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