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[ Help ] Whose Barrier Go First?


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Hello anyone, wanna ask you.
If we have a barrier ninja, and our opponent too.
Whose barrier go first?? Assume yours and theirs have same position. Is higher initiative go first? Or less initiative?

Thank you!

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  • Rick_Sanchez On 2017-12-17 17:06:04
  • Depends on passive or active barrier.


    The team with the highest overall initiative wins the passive barrier. In general, at the beginning of the battle the team with higher overall initiative loads their passives lastand hence win the barrier.


    The one made by normal gaara and all. This manual barrier forming mystery is considered as a standard attack. If both gaara's are in same position, the gaara with the lower intiative (note: here its individual intiative and not overall) does his barrier forming move second and wins the barrier.

Thank you! :)

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