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[ Events ] Fukurokumaru cloth


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  • only for early stages, later it will cost much more

no its the reverse right...cost of clothing falls right..the new anbu clothing was around 4.2-4.5 k on launch in konoha tree...after some time it came at lucky board at around 3.6k. Wait for lucky board it would be more reasonable compared to konoha tree. Konoha tree is good if you buy out the entire tree and go to level 7. Lucky board is a better option for normal spenders and free players. They come out at higher prices as they give an immediate power boost and lot of people will love to have it to be competitive and not forgetting the cool look. The later you buy it will be much less useful because most people you compete against will have it anyway, so it wouldnt make much of a difference. .if i am correct it should keep falling and after a long long time it will be in konoha shop at 50 per frag( this part is a wild guess).

For myoboku cultivation, the point is you get it in daily missions unless you are a level freezer. In that case just spend 1000 coupons to get around power boost of around 1000. Another 1000 would give around 700 power boost. Higher than this just wait out and slowlly collect from events andd all.

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