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[ Bugs ] Charms Auto-Upgrade 3252 ingots 3248 coupons loss


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In response to Daiske's post

"Hi guys!

I am back with few updates (that you might not be happy about).

Upon your requests, we have checked your accounts once again and once again I can confirm there is no problem in system or how is Charm system working. Everything works as it should. What actually happened is that you had "Automatically buy materials if your materials are insufficient. When buying items, firstly uses Coupons. If Coupons are not sufficient, Ingots will be spent." box marked, all three of you. For this reason, your ingots or coupons were spent and this is also the reason why some of you have more charm materials in your backpack then you thought so.

To be more specific, Kira used 3 252 ingots and 3248 coupons at 2017-11-30 17:55:23 on charm materials. If rest of you would like to know specific date and time when your ingots/coupons were spent, you can contact us via Support ticket and one of our staff members at support will answer you. I hope this clears all confusion and problems this may have caused. All I am going to say is, please pay more attention not only to this specific box but also other boxes in game before automatically upgrading your equipment. I would also like to apologize this could not be explained to you sooner. Have a nice day everyone!"

It's extremely frustrating to write this over and over again, and I have to say for the final time, I did not have buy materials function ticked off.

I agree with the coupons and ingots spent log, however that only validates that the system took this from me.

I have contacted OAS Support again, they have promised to get back at me re-opening the investigation only to close the case again.

I keep getting shut down by OAS CS with no response, answer and solution to this problem.

I do not want to say this but if this is OAS stance on my case, I would consider this borderline unethical & theft.

I've recharged a good chunk of money on this game, and I know how to spend my money. From OAS words, the only evidence they'll take is video proof, and that is just unreasonable to ask customers to do this, when you guys should have proper do*entation on your end and more than just coupon/ingot logs.

Extremely disappointing and i've depleted my energy trying to reach out to support through various means, and it's just downright disrespectful to close my case each time with no proper answer and solution. This is my final post regarding this issue, and I respectfully ask the forum mods not to close this thread until the issue is resolved.

The final point is, a customer in your game paid for a service and it was taken away due to error (bug). It is fair and reasonable to demand back the loss amount.

It is unreasonable for you, the game to keep denying the customer's validated proof and accuse them of wrongdoing resulting in no error (bug).

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As a member of the same server and longtime fellow player of kira, I can 1) vouch for kira's story that things happened as they did; he is a meticulous player and would not needlessly spend resources and would certainly not tick the box that it has been said that he had. Perhaps the bug is that the game is logging a ticked box when the player never touched it (a worrisome bug indeed).

And 2) I also know for sure that kira is not trying to game the system here. Another facet of this issue that is when the game erroneously charged him for charms, it only gave him specific item charms, i.e. charging him for a full pack and only giving him a weapons charm and not the rest. If he had received full value for what he was charged, this would be slightly different; still aggravating but not as bad.

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As someone who also spends in this game, I have to say that even if a box was checked, the system itself is flawed...most people may not even realize the second box is checked. By having this as an option after you click auto, you open the door to mistakes being made. I myself have used the Auto feature, and it opened up the check box for spending already checked. I quickly realized and cancelled out. Why was the box checked already? if I was not paying attention, this is easily missed..most of us playing are doing so by quickly going through the dailies and upgrades sections.

I also want to attest that Kira was mentioning that he lost over 5k worth of coupons and ingots and he never authorized it. It has also come to my attention that others had the same exact issue.

The system was set up to be easy for a player, yet several players have mentioned that they did not authorize that to happen. The system should be fixed to prevent this from happening.

For those that spend on this game, $$ are hard to come by and when things like this happens, it creates a vacuum...people no longer spending and telling others not to spend as well since they feel they were mistreated by getting a dismissive response to their issues. The mods should not be that flippant with other people's money or issues.

Furthermore, if there were no other bugs in this game, then I can understand the position being taken as regards to crediting back the account. There is a whole section where Oasis is asking for feedback about all the bugs in the game..... not a good position to tell others that all is working properly and no errors had occurred.

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I've worked in the video game industry for a while and when you deal with a customer that claims that they lost currency or items due to a bug, they should be compensated as fast as they can. An online game like this has to have a database that stores all the information about when a player spend currency and what they spent it on. If they claim that they spent unwillingly currency on some stuff, it should be easily retraceable. Even if you don't know the intent of the player, if he wanted or not to purchase this, if a bug made them purchase that or not, shouldn't matter for a refund. iOS and Android refunds their customers for any In-App purchases made in any application no questions asked, and that means the player will still keep the items or currency they got with that transaction. It just make sense that the customer should have the best experience possible when these situation arise, especially when your user is a recurring spender in your app. Of course, some people could exploit this flaw in how the system work, but this is the first time Kira is asking for any compensation, even after spending some money over the last year. Even so, he is willing to have the items he didn't mean to purchase being removed from his account.

There is also the fact that Kira isn't the only person that claimed to have this bug happened to him, so there should be even more red flags when dealing with this. Not resolving this, might not only prevent those people from ever spending ever again in the app, but everyone that note how bad you are managing this issue as well.

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is oasis insinuating that we should be recording every single thing we do in game? especially with the replay feature being refused to us?

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As someone in a similar situation

We were aware from pretty much the beginning that our money went to charms. We knew this. The resolution we got only confirmed it but didn't explain /why/ it happened.

I even have a screenshot of my charms menu that shows the box unticked from the day it happened before we even knew for sure that the charms were the cause of our problem. I didn't post it before because it didn't get across my then current point of "I have way too many charms in my inventory" so I opted for a full inventory screenshot instead and after a week I forgot I had taken it.

Either way it doesn't explain how I can start with over 100 charms, spend 40 and somehow it thinks I don't have enough and buys more anyway. If I really ran out at any point shouldn't then at least one of my charm categories be at 0? Since it should only purchase the number of charms needed to complete the upgrade? I shouldn't have 20+ extra of every type if it was only purchasing them because I ran out. One of those should have used everything it had. Why would the system think "Oh this person needs 5 more to upgrade, better buy 30 incredibly expensive packs just in case" ?????

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Update from OAS support:

"To clarify the situation: rule A says it will automatically stop; but if you chose the option B at the same time, when you auto-upgrade, it will automatically buy materials when they are insufficient. This can be seen in the screenshot we provided.

Additionally, we kindly ask that you only create one request per situation you encounter (including the forum) to make sure our investigation can focus on the issue."

w/ attached screenshot of charms screen below:


Here's my frustration. They refuse to read the part where I have been saying "option B" has not been ticked off.

I am extremely angry they are annoyed by my multiple cases filed, and I have only done so in response to them closing prior cases without an answer, and the inability to re-open & follow up on those cases.

I respectfully thank the community and contributing mods for trying to help me out on this bug.

It's extremely unfortunate this is the service paying customer's get. I have every right to the service I paid for, clearly not in this case.

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Okay, so look like I have to remind you few things.

I think I made it and myself pretty clear last time. I said if you still wish to continue in this discussion or ask more questions regarding your case, you can do so via support ticket and not via forum thread. This thread will be locked. Please refrain from creating more threads with same content or we will have to take different actions.

As for your problem - We do understand your frustration but your claims are not matching with information from log files from your and others accounts. You are claiming this box was not checked but in the logs we can see it was checked. That is why all of you "lost" (but not lost) ingots or coupons. With those "lost" coupons/ingots you actually bought more charm materials.

Have a nice day.

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