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[ Plot ] The Mains of naruto online


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*A Little before the start of the 4th Great Ninja War*

"One more order of dumplings mister" said the cloaked figure while reading the little article in a magazine that spoke about the recent attack on konoha by the akatsuki member Pain and the yellow haired boy who had defeated him. The waiter came and placed the plate before the cloaked figure who motioned that she wanted a refill of the tea as well. After the waiter had gone away the person removed their cloak to reveal beautiful blonde hair. A girl no more than 16 years sitting at the teahouse sipping tea while eating dangos and reading the magazine. she mumbled under her breath " hmmm so senpai was taken down..... well at least i dont have to hide anymore since he wont be recruiting me for that organization anymore. Oh it says here that they built a memmorial for Jiraya Sensei there and i guess the people back in the hidden rain should have built one for Nagato senpai Yahiko Senpai & Konan Oneesama". The Girl Looked at the Konoha Headband at her waist given to her by her sensei and after finishing the remaning tea and dumplings gets up thinking to herself "Maybe i'll visit both hidden rain is nearby and the Leaf village isnt all that far away, there are tensions about the 5 kage summit and the upcoming war so i doubt that i'll get caught".

*At about the same time*

Somewhere in the hidden sound village deep underground the anbu of the hokage(Tsunade) were on a secret mission to retrieve the forbidden jutsu scroll stolen by kabuto when he was a spy in lord Danzo's service. The Leader of the Black OPs a kid with white hair and a sword at his waist approached a door with a 3 pronged seal on it. he made a swift movement and nobody heard any sound or saw the flicker of a blade but the seal was on the ground lying compleately defused. the anbu entered the room and started searching The leader of the Black Ops started searching a bookshelf there he saw a scroll that wasnt covered in dust as much as the others when he tried to remove it from the shelf a trapdoor opened making all of them jump. He instructed his men to stay alert and headed in with one hand on the handle of his sword. As he moved forward he saw a huge container with a girl in there suspended in the solution he could still see bubbles coming out from it. he signalled his subordinates to come in and start searching this roomas well while he quickly made 3 slashes in the container the glass fell apart and the girl came out. He put her on his lap started performing life saving drills. As the girl regained conciousness he noticed her hair were a tint of blueblack and was no older than he himself was. before he could say anything the girl spoke out " who are you?" "where am i?" "Who am i" He assured her that she was safe but extracting any info from the girls mind would not be a good idea in this situation. he covered her with a towel and decided to take her back to the Village. As he turned around he saw the shattered pieced of glass of her container that contained a Label which read 'Advanced Heal : EX1.Kab'. he picked it up and told his men to retreat for now as the girl took importance in the currrent situation, stabilizing her condiion was more important for now.

*After the hokage(danzo) had left the village for the 5 kage summit*

"Wood Style: Wood pillar jutsu" and suddenly a pillar made out of wood came out of the ground divided into several offshoots and grabbed the person in front. the trainer could not react in the meantime started clapping and said "i suppose that is all, you have learned all and as per the request of lord danzo i would like to welcome you as the first member of the Special Combat Unit.well i would be lying if i said that i didnt expect you to make it after all you are the only other shinobi known to have mastered wood style after yamato. Lord Danzo asked this unit to be created secretively and i can see why, if this has others like you you guys are gonna be legendary." the boy stood there taking the praise of his instructor, he just gave the instructor that bid wide smile showing all his teeth saying "Well i dont know about that XD"

"By the way who are the other members?" asked the boy. the instructor said looking behind him as there were 3 joinin rank sensory type shinobi *ing another boy with hands cuffed, chakra sealing tags all over the head. But the boy was smiling as far as the wood style user could tell and it wasnt a smile an enemy could feel happy about. it was more of a smirk. as they reched near the handcuffs and tags were removed and the jonin said out loud " hope you dont forget the terms and conditions and dont try anything foolish." and they left. the instructor introduced them both and asked them to take part in a friendly match to which they both agreed. as the match started the wood user went full offenseive he didnt want to give this guy any chance he started off by using a few wood beams to attack the other kid. the other kid dodged the first one and used a fire style technique on the other then murmered "hmmm wood style, interesting....... but nothing too great at your scale". the Wood user got infuriated by that remark and used Wood Style pillar bind jutsu. the other boy was trapped but he was laughing as he pointed towards him " who are you exactly trying to catch here?" as the boy turned to see that he had imprisoned himself in his jutsu and the other kid was just standing away and laughing.

This is my first contribution to this corner, critisizim is welcomed

Thank you

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