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I just have a question about jonin Minato. His passive states that he has a very high chance to evade the first mystery skill, standard attack or chase skill. That is what normally happens but I have started to notice that now it really only happens with the older ninja. It seems like with the newer ninja from masked Obito down to the new kakuzu and kisame that they always catch him with the first mystery. Would that be considered a type of predated programming issue? I know it states he has a very high chance to evade which means there will be times that he does get caught but on the flip side it does not say that their passive are 100% to work either so he should be able to evade their first attacks at times. Could someone either check this out or elaborate on this issue? Maybe it;s something that I am missing here. But if I am correct on this issue is it something that will be addressed or is already being worked on? I actually posted this in the general discussion thread as well because I'm not really sure if this is a bug or not but I would like to hear the feedback of those who use Jonin Minato to see if this was something they have noticed as well.

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spirit weapons such as susano itachis standard, Susano sasukes arrow or Kushinas standard, are all undodgeable, theres more, i dont rememebr what they are though, in regards to other ninjas, its just rng

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The dodge passive is working as intended.

There's quite a large amount of skills that are undodgeable (Mainly consisting of standards)

However mystery's like GNW Tenten, Susano'o Sasuke's Arrow, etc are undodgeable, or "Must-Hit"

Hopefully that clears up some confusion you've had!

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