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[ Lineup ] Sasori ( Edo Tensei ) Lineups


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Hello, as i said 2 upcoming Ninjas are coming and they are hot enough!! This time i will bring Sasori's ( Edo Tensei ) lineups!

Earth Main



Lets have some nice explosions with our lovely new support Edo Sasori. Edo Sasori is a cool ninja ( i really like him)

as i saw several videos in Arena wrecking some havoc with good combinations. Definitely worth to get him as he will

fit nicely into any Edo Tensei and not only Teams! Jigo will give us the chakra we want for our Deidara the bomber and we can

have some fun with this team for sure, enjoy! Sasori will disperse one layer out of our Deidara and he will buff him good

enough to nuke in 2nd round ! Don't miss the chance to try it !

Fire Main



This team looks good enough, as you support Deidara muchie with Sasori, also you have hokage Minato to go aggresive.

Sasori is getting very good synergy with Edo Deidara as he buffs him a lot. Also Fire main will help by much putting shield

immunity and having Mirror for avoiding the first debuff. The formation looks decent and i would say its tempting to test.

Deidara is very strong by his nature as he buffs himself every round plus Sasori from behind the curtains doing his dirty job!

Water Main



Yayy at last, We c*e the lovely Gengetsu!! ( i hope i am not the only Fan out there) i really love Gengetsu and he is

an underrated ninja by a lot. In this team we combine 3 Edo Tensei ninjas buffing each other with Sasori in the Leadership.

Gengetsu's mystery its strong by its nature, even if he only shots 1 ninja. We dont care much as we have Water main

with the sharks and chaos like a boss.!Nagato will clear everything with his passive and make them immunity. We can swap places

if we want with nagato and water main. Sasori will give them best support and they will wreck in this team. Also

we can swap chaos for poison tai, it goes really well with nagatos mystery as well. Team rocks for Edo lovers. enjoy!

Wind Main



Team Refresh is the word. Wind main will provide clones a lot of clones that can hurt you and protect the team. With her

Refresh and Debuff skill will support enough the team. We will have full Chaos for 4 rounds and Sasori will give extra attack to Deidara.

Deidara will bring havoc in 3rd round with his mystery as he will be buffed enough to destroy the opponent. Sasori is

one of the best support ninjas that Edo tensei nins can have. Must get him!

Enjoy some lineups of the new upcoming ninjas ( take in mind that we will get more new ninjas in the future than can pair with them as well ) Cya next time for even more hottiee lineups!!!

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I love how your teams are not F2P friendly at all :p

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  • RenjiAsuka On 2017-12-07 20:27:16
  • I love how your teams are not F2P friendly at all :p

Hello, i never mentioned in any of my threads i am doing F2p Teams only. Btw i have F2p players in my server with Edo Deidara ./ Hokage Minato teams, i wouldnt say ninjas that can aquire with coupons are not f2p friendly at all.. I know that you need to stack 2-3 months for 1 but its possible. Sorry again and thnx for your opinion.

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So technically, Sasori and Deidara are meant for each other.

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the whole reason I wanted sasori was for deidara lol.

Trying sasori deidara asuma atm with fire main. Might try with water main using chakra gen tho d unno yet.

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whats the best mood for edo sasori? +res for his barrier? or since he is a support +hp so he lasts longer?

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  • juve89 On 2018-01-07 17:59:32
  • whats the best mood for edo sasori? +res for his barrier? or since he is a support +hp so he lasts longer?

i would prefer + Life for Sasori so he can survive longer !

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  • Jori. On 2018-01-07 18:31:12
  • i would prefer + Life for Sasori so he can survive longer !

ok thanks jori

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Aw, I'm just missing Deidara for the fire main team, sadly he is really hard to pull and I already used all my luck on Hokage Minato. Well, thanks for the lineups anyway.

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i just need that sasori....

for Earth main...

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for the 1st team, wouldn't it be better 2 use the knockdown 2 flow float chase & fox demon summon ?

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you know what i also love gengetsu but the problem is he are only 2(star) and it's hard to make him 3 (star) without coupons :\

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Looks like edo diedara lineups.

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any Nagato alternatives for water main?

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